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  1. calibock
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hello! First off, forgive me, I'm just starting out with CSS. I have a client site for http://www.freedom-cng.com, and I currently changed the header height in the .css to match uniformly across the site so that the current logo banner doesn't bleed onto the other divs on every other page. However, after doing so, the H1's are right on top of the body content on every page. i.e. the
    'About' (http://freedom-cng.com/about-us-houston-cng-fuel-stations/)
    'Blog' http://freedom-cng.com/category/cng-houston-blog/ page.
    Could anyone possibly help me to edit the right element on the style sheet? I've already tried the H1 line height and padding. Now I'm not quite sure where to turn. Thanks so much!

  2. dohman
    Posted 1 year ago #

    try something like:

    #content-left {

    keep in mind that #content-left {} is already in your style file, just add the padding-top property to it. this worked for the page i was looking at but it will affect all pages where it is used so be sure to check it across your site to see what it affects.

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