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  • For no reason whatsoever (I have not touched my blog since yesterday when it was working find and dandy), I started getting display issues.. the design would break. I also noticed then that my permalinks quit working. I could no longer access any Pages, Archives, Categories, etc. It would just display the front page, no matter what you clicked on.

    Now it appears that the ONLY thing that works at all are messy URLs. And it doesn’t matter what theme I use. Some themes issue a blank page (a peek at the source code there reveals that the page tries to load, but stops in the middle of listing the archive links in the header). Other themes render a bit of themselves before stopping dead.

    AND more tellingly, even reverting to messy URLs does NOT solve the issue of why none of the links work. I have not touched this darn thing since yesterday when I was tweaking the stylesheet (to get it to validate).

    Not all themes appear to exhibit this behavior. I have left up the one that I was working on yesterday to illustrate the problem. But several of the themes do seem to work, BUT only with Messy URLs turned on. If I try to use pretty permalinks, they too break down.

    It’s frustrating to me b/c I was asleep when my blog went south for the winter. It would be a different story altogether if I were mucking about in it at the time.

    Here’s the blog, running the latest version of WP and up until yesterday evening, working just fine.

    I’ve got messy URLs back on. Let me know what info you need me to provide to help troubleshoot this.

    Color me frustrated.

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  • Have you checked with your hosts to see if they made any changes to the server at that time?


    You’ve gone back to pretty permalinks so it’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on.

    Switch back to the messy permalinks and check back in with us.

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