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  1. JVRudnick
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I am running wordpress 2.8.6, using Revolution Code Red template and up until today the Blog Stats ran fine. But, as of today, we now find that they will "not" show up on the blog dashboard display nor can you anymore drill down to see the plugin details either.

    Logging into my account at wordpress.com, shows under the My Blogs area, that this blog is set to have a "hidden" dashboard, and even tho I try to clikc on the Make Visible button, it continues to never show up back on my blog Admin area.

    Is this not 'wonky' behaviour? Or is this "not" the issue as to why my Blog Stats will not showup anymore in the proper spots in admin?



  2. JVRudnick
    Posted 5 years ago #

    sorry, does no one else have this problem too? if so, then great as maybe that'd mean it's NOT my site but wordpress.com's issue...

    but if I'm the only one who can NOT get the ()*^&*%$ stats to show properly, then I'm afraid I'm lost here...



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