• Near the bottom of the blog stats page it says
    Just a note: we don’t count your own visits to your blog. All times are in GMT.

    I have just done some testing and revealed that my visits and clicks on my links are being counted. This is really not good as I am not getting accurate stats. Not happy about this statement that WordPress is making.

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  • Hi there, I am getting the same issue – I just started my blog, so there has been much testing and viewing to see how it looks in various browsers (on the same pc) – I am getting an unusually large number of hits. The only real ones are from referenced links (which makes sense). Even a trail google search for my blog came up, once clicking on the result it was considered a hit! Is this due to the type of ISP connection? (Static/Dynamic)

    Let me tell you why, as it was the same case with me.

    When you are testing it from various browsers, you are most probably logged in from just one.

    Let’s say, i was logged in with FF

    I was testing some things and clicked on links using IE and Chrome and woala, more page visits.

    It could be that…

    True – I can understand that – at the same time, I’m pretty sure that in one instance, i was logged in with FF, then saw a stat about how someone got to my blog using a google search, then I myself tried to do the same, and checking back later, there were two hits registered under the same google search keywords! I guess the only time that the hits have never registered is when you click up the top left corner to visit your own site!

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