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[Resolved] Blog SQL Data transfer from old server – PROBLEMS!

  • I apologize if the answer to my question is already online but I doubt that it is…

    I had been using Marathon Press for my hosting provider then decided to switch to a hosting provider which would allow me to do more with WordPress. Marathon does not allow subdomain access to your blog or to the ability to back up the data in the event of a transfer. Marathon is trying to tell me that because I am using version 2.3 and they had only been using 2.0.4 that I might not be able to do a database import of all my comments, posts, etc. In my research on WordPress, it was shown that doing a database dump is easy and only requires the user to make sure to include fields like comments, posts, etc. Images uploaded can be copied in the wp-content folder but the comments, posts, etc. have to be exported in the database. Since I am unable to access my subdomain and do the export myself, I have to rely on them. They are not being cooperative and are saying that they did the dump and that I am just not doing something right in the import. My new server uses phpMyAdmin and I already tested an export and import so I KNOW I am doing it right. Can ANYone help me please?? I’ve already had to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against Marathon Press because of their lack of response and as far as I’m concerned lack of know-how.

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  • 1. You cannot export/import DB tables between different WP versions.
    2. If your old blog was 2.0.4 – you need to install 2.0.4 in the new location, do the import and THEN upgrade.

    p.s. Moved to How-To, nothing advanced here!

    Question to Moshu: I understand but the database dump sql file that they gave me had nothing in it. I examined it in Excel and none of my comments or posts were there. Is it possible they did the dump without properly exporting comments, posts, page titles, etc? That is where I run into the problem.

    They should export EVERY table (not picking only certain ones) from the blog’s database!

    Edit. Why in excel? That’s not wise. Use plain text editors (like Notepad) when working with WP!)

    well im learning alot about this right now and i could not get the sql file to open in text file. i did not do any edit in excel just view data.

    when i looked at the data there was one post in the comments section and it leads me to believe they are totally doing something wrong…the one post/comment is:

    “Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!’,’Hello world!”

    I had several pages and posts and comments and had deleted that starting post awhile ago…the only thing in the SQL file that indicated to me that they were doing any kind of dump related to my database file was admin information and their webmaster@marathonpress.com email info.

    Moshu, are you available to assist anymore on this issue?

    Please, be aware we are all volunteers here and we have life outside of the forum, too.

    It might be that they did not make a backup right now but sent you an older DB backup (which normally are done periodically on servers). I don’t know.

    Oh…I apologize. I know you have a life outside of here LOL I try to as well! hehe…Anyway, I will try to see if I can get through to them tomorrow and get a correct database dump. I might contact again tomorrow with more questions. Take care.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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