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  • Just saw an interesting article. According to the
    “Spam comments deposited using the technique include a link to a spamvertised website. The idea is not so much to get visitors to a spammed location to visit the promoted site but to increase its page rankings in Google. This, in turn, increases the prominence of the site in certain searches and therefore increases the likelihood that more visitors will visit a site. That’s the theory anyway.”
    You can read more here:

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  • yep that is the obvious intent and why you see my “don’t post the dang links here” forum posts.

    Beel…I don’t get you you mean.

    OK, for the second time today, I’ll be Beel’s translator :
    What he he means is that whenever people were posting here the LINKS to the sites the spammers try to promote, he was replying with the quoted phrase: “don’t post… etc.”

    The Register is a respected UK site – damn good read 🙂

    Oh, ok. Thanks for the clear up. Duh…

    everytime I post new blog is dozen comments automatically..
    it really sucks.

    yep, already mentioned and described in other spam threads – might look for podz’ spam page, too.

    I’m wondering how the spam machines are actually finding wordpress sites. Mine wasn’t targeted until the day I reinstalled and redesigned the whole thing using the Oct. 18 nightly. The former install was using a 1.3 nightly version as well. Maybe they do a search for “powered by wordpress” or somehow intercept notifications to site update services. Anyone have any ideas?

    Google for any wp filename.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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