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  • Have you done any modifications to wordpress recently?
    Installed any plugins or mods?
    What about fiddled with your database?

    i’m having the same problem and i’ve made no changes at my end. all of a sudden, instead of the same link i’ve had for three years going to the current entry, it goes to the first entry i made. when i write a new entry and hit the “view site” link to see it, it goes to the first entry i ever did also, though my new entries are there if i use the archive buttons. it’s driving me insane and i can’t figure out what’s happened! any help would be appreciated.
    not that i think you need it, but here’s the site:
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    Did you guys all just update to 2.51? If so, from what version?

    That’s.. odd..

    When you got to your admin page | Settings | Reading; Do you have “Your latest post” selected under “Your front page”?

    i didn’t actively update anything…does this mean that i should?
    i don’t see that “front page” option under my reading tab. would that also be something with the update?

    Well bringing wordpress up to date is always a good idea but its odd that it would suddnely break.. what version are you using?




    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2.0.4" /> <!-- leave this for stats -->

    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2.0.2" /> <!-- leave this for stats -->

    There are the versions of WP you are using.
    Your host(s) upgraded MySQL.

    The problem is caused by a bug in MySQL. YOU can fix it by upgrading your WordPress installs.

    cheers. is there a fix i can do in the code? i think it’s altered the main page code as a little bit of code in there that links with twitter has gone missing. makes me wonder if i can’t just go in and correct what’s gone wrong…? but… i don’t know enough code to figure it out – just understand it enough to get by with minor edits.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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