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    Hi, I am new to WordPress so I am learning about it as I setup my new website.

    The blog right sidebar is not working on my posts (blog) page. The widgets I am using on this sidebar are: Archives, Research, Categories, Recent Topics. But, I don´t know why, when I open the Blog page, they appear on the bottom, below the post, not on the right side. The Blog page is configured to Page Template – Right Sidebar.

    Another problem I am struggling to solve: the posts left margins are not aligned inside the text area, the go beyond the main text box to the background area. How do I fix it?

    By the way, is it possible to change the footer font size or type?

    Thanks in advance for the help

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  • I´ve just figured out the the same alingment problem on the blog page occurs on the demo of this theme ( ).
    And the widgets on the right sidebar makes produces lines crossing the text area as you can see here ( ).
    Is there anything I can do to modify this?

    If you want to check this on my website, the address is
    (it´s in Brazilian Portuguese, but you can check what I am talking about on the BLOG page).

    By the way, this theme is really very beautiful and clean, with a professional look! I just would like to make these small adjustments.


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    Found the issue and I am assuming you are using the older IE8 version of IE?

    It’s fine in other browsers and even ie9, but for ie8, the layout is breaking because this theme uses HTML5 coding which ie8 does not support. However, there is a script that loads if the browser detected is less than ie9, so the html tags in the theme should be responding…which obviously they are not. I may need to change the script to an alternative. At the moment I do not have a solution for you but I will begin working on this today. This will also relate to your second issue posted about the post left margins.

    For the footer font size, yes you can. This is found in the theme’s style.css file around line 125 in two parts:

    #footer-wrapper {
    	padding:20px 0 0;
    	border-top:1px solid #fff;
    #page-footer-wrapper {
    	padding:20px 0;
    		font-size: 0.75rem;

    The first group is where you can add a font size, but the second group with the 12px (0.75rem) is for the very bottom where the copyright goes. To also understand px vs. rem, you can use this tool:

    Thank you for the fast reply!
    It´s true, I am checking the website on Mozilla Firefox 19.0 and on Google Chrome and it doesn´t happen! Great!

    The font size change worked all right! Thank you!

    So I will wait for the script change.

    Again, thank you very much for being so helpfull!

    By the way: is it possible to put different content on the sidebar widgets for each page?
    For example: on the Home page I want to put an image widget on the right sidebar. On other page I don´t want this image widget, and put a text widget on the sidebar instead.
    What are the main differences between Preference Lite and Preference themes? I am thinking about getting the paid Preference theme.

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    Well the pro version definitely gives a lot more widget positions, and many other things but to manage where widgets are shown on what pages, posts, etc., you can consider using a plugin that I used on the Preference Pro demo site, called Dynamic Widgets.

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