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  • I have the latest version of both wordpress and custom community.

    My problem:
    I want just my blog posts to show up on my designated blog page. I set my posts page, and now the slideshow is showing up on that page as well. When I publish a post, it screws up my slideshow completely.

    What I want:
    – The slideshow to only appear on my “home page.”
    – The slideshow images to come from my gallery, weddings, events, & blog pages
    – The published posts to only appear on the designated blog page.

    Help! (And thank you!)
    My site’s temp home:

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  • hi vfranco,

    to your comments:

    “my designated blog page”
    what do you mean with that? not your homepage yeah?

    “When I publish a post, it screws up my slideshow completely.”
    This issue is just reported and will be fixed!

    Then you said:

    “The slideshow to only appear on my home page.”

    Go to Appearance -> Theme Settings -> Slideshow -> Enable Slideshow

    and set this option to “home”.

    ** Then make sure, you set your latest blog posts as home page
    and not an individual page. **

    “The slideshow images to come from my gallery, weddings, events, & blog pages”

    You mean several custom post types and blog posts?

    The only possibility would be to use the options and choose the different post IDs.

    But I am actually not really sure you can mix different post types in one slider. I think we made this working, please try it out and let me know if it works! 🙂

    “The published posts to only appear on the designated blog page.”

    In this case you should maybe think about a custom homepage. means just create a page, and make it your homepage (in settings -> reading)

    There you can:
    – write custom content
    – list posts from a certain post type or category and achieve this
    – via shortcodes or
    – via the list post settings when editing the single page.

    Hope this helps, let me know what issues are left an if everything worked out as you wanted it.

    *** Another tip: think about what is easy possible, some things need 10 times more work and often is best to just think about the content you want to present and which possibilities you got.

    More help here

    Knowledge Base of Custom Community



    The new site address is:

    My blog page is a custom page, “Meghan’s Blog.”
    I want my home screen to be the only page with the slideshow, but for some reason, it shows up on my custom page when I set that page as the posts page.

    I have the slideshow images coming from the featured images of 4 of my pages. Because I made custom page id names, I cannot link the images to the correct page id. So, I move the images to the pages that would revolve around on the slideshow. Temporary fix just so it’ll look right.

    When I post a post to my designated blog page, it causes the slideshow to stop working.

    Obviously, I’m newer to this…any help would be great! Thank you!!!

    hi vfranco,

    regarding the slideshow error please see here:

    ** the page IDs don’t change, you can see them in the url when editing a post/page. **

    regarding the custom-page-slideshow-thing:
    when that custom page is your homepage, it will have the slideshow, yes..
    if you visit that custom page, the url should be just like your home url.
    thus, if you want a slideshow on your homepage, it will appear then.

    maybe i didn’t understand you correctly… 😕 then let me know please..

    anyway, a theme update with slideshow fix is on the way first!

    Is it possible to have a static home page AND a blog page for all my posts? That’s what I want.

    Right now, if I change under settings to display static page on my “Hello!” page and post page to “Meghan’s blog,” the slideshow also appears on my posts page. I don’t want this…just want the slideshow on my “Hello!” page. This is probably going to be addressed in the fix, so thank you!

    I also created custom id page names for the different pages. I don’t know if that causes issues, if so I can change back.

    Thanks for your help!

    waahh, this sounds new, i made a ticket at github here:

    thanks for your feedback! konrad

    P.S. i just pushed some changes with a few fixes for the slideshow (when displaying pages) and for another bug with the theme settings CSS tab (stripslashes).

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