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  • Hello.

    I’m attempting to make a “themed blog,” where the posts all take place in the 1700s. The goal was to set the “Post Date” to a date in the 1700s (Such as September 20, 1787), and have it appear as such on the site.

    However, the post editor (or perhaps something deeper in the wordpress system) refuses to accept a date past 1900 in the past.

    Is there any way to convince WordPress that I have not made a typo, that I actually DO want to imply that the post was posted back at the same time as the US Constitution?

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  • AutoDMC,

    I like the concept and would like to see the site when complete. There a couple of options off the top of my head: The first is to use a custom field to enter the year then output that to the date field which could additionally be set to utilize the Month and day. The second option is to alter the core, which is always a little tricky if you forget about the alteration during an upgrade.

    I’ve been told this is a property of the MYSQL Timestamp? I’m currently trying to verify this. Is it possible to change the MYSQL datatype for post times without actually breaking WordPress? The editor doesn’t seem to have a problem accepting my crazy dates; but when you hit save you get a date in 2009.

    Point to this trac ticket for your info:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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