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  • I am using wordpress as my dj blog and website and am looking forward to getting it up and running!

    I have the “about” page as my static front page. I am going to change this around using the headway theme, but this is it for now.

    I want my blog posts to show up in the “media now” tab but they are not showing up anywhere in the site! I played around with the reading panel but to no avail. This is super frustrating, but i expect it b/c i am new at this. Could anyone please help me?

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  • so the media now tab is a page you made correct?

    You should be able to go to settings->reading and display blog posts on that page by selecting it from drop down

    Hey RVoodoo, thanks so much for the suggestion. I tried that and for some reason it does not work. It is all set up:
    in my reading panel i have:
    -static page (selected)
    -Front Page (about)
    -Posts Page (media now)

    here is the url for one of the posts thats not showing (This is not ready for publishing yet)

    hmm…that’s flaky. You might want to try switching to the default theme for justa minute and see if you still have the issue

    (you may also want to try regenerating your permalinks…save to default….it looks like you are on default, just click save again)

    thanks so much! Changing themes scares me a little, i dont want to loose all the work i did in headway. This is frustrating!

    your theme is kept, your posts are kept, you can switch back and forth between themes without a problem

    (BUT if you’ve done a lot of work to a theme, always keep backups…. you never know what can go wrong with a website…I back my theme up every time I make a change)

    Awesome, thanks, do you have any suggestions on where else I can go to get help?

    what kind of help? Here and google are what I use……

    it usually comes down to testing things. If you have a problem, narrow down what causes the problem and look deeper into it

    problems are often due to
    -permalinks (usually cause by themes and plugins)

    Yeah, im new to all of this so it seems like greek to me sometimes. i don’t have any active plugings, i’ll have to mess with the themes more.

    okay, i think you were right that the theme was the problem. i used a more simple theme and it seems to be showing up correctly. I am currently trying to figure out how to use headway again. Any pointers?

    honestly…compare the codes…

    specifically the menu part first off
    it’s usually in header.php and includes wp_list_pages

    see what you can see there
    look for differences, maybe even post up that bit of code

    or look here for explanations of how wp_list_pages works

    I would and will but can’t find where my headway theme is. It doesn’t seem to be stored anywhere.

    it should be on your server


    To be honest, I don’t know what that means (sorry, I’ve been using this for about 2 or 3 weeks now and am TOTALLY new to this all). I work at home from a laptop and don’t have a server. I have the headway folder on my hard drive. when i go to appearances > themes, headway is nowhere to be found

    you have a server, your files are all installed there. Its where wordpress runs from on the internet

    you need to use ftp software (I use filezilla), or a file manager if your host offers one

    logon to your server, get to the files and find the wp-content folder, themes is in that, and headway should be in that

    i have dreamhost as my host, i’ll take another look but im not sure that headway is saved on there

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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