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[Resolved] Blog posts in menubar?

  • Hi guys
    I’ve created a menubar with the plugin of the same name for my site http://www.spacesential.com
    The whole site is built as a static site, not a blog. However I have added a blog section and I wanted of course to…Blog in it!
    Menubar propose me to link to the front page but this is static, or to link to a unique post under this category. I can’t seem to find how to link a page with multiples post. I would really appreciate your help then!

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  • Hi Laurent,

    Try using the Home menu item type, that links to the Posts page when you define one.

    Sorry I forgot to suscribe to the answers so didn’t see your before now Andrea…
    I didn’t work. When I choose this option it cannot seems to follow any url – and when I go to the blog section it gives me exactly the same page as the last on I was on, whatever it is. Not sure what to do next then?

    Did you actually define both your Front page and your Posts page in the dashboard, Settings – Reading?

    Menubar offers two menu item types, FrontPage and Home, pointing respectively to the static Front Page and to the Posts Page.

    – If you set up a static Front Page but no Posts Page, the Home menu item type will not produce a working menu item;

    – If you do not set up a static Front Page, both the FrontPage and the Home menu item types will point to your standard blog page.

    Ah silly me! I created the post and was linking to it in menubar, but I didn’t create a PAGE to host the posts…reason why! I’ve done exactly what you advised me to do and it works fine, thanks a million!
    You wouldn’t happen to have some knowledge on the collapsing page plugin by any chance? : -)

    Glad you made it work! And no, sorry, I’m not familiar with the collapsing page plugin.

    Hi Laurent

    I’ve got the same issue. I’ve created a Blog Page in the main menu and now want to list posts (I’ve got a few already) under the blog menu. Currently these posts are under the ‘Home’ tab. My site is still under construction but can be found at http://www.internetprofitssuccess.com

    Can you give some guidance please?

    You have to define the Posts page in the Dashboard, Settings -> Reading. It looks like you already did so and solved the issue.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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