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    I am having a problem editing the way my blog post titles come up in the search engines. Right now my posts come up as “post title – Dr. Jesse Chappus, chiropractor” and I’m just wanting it to be the post title.

    I am using the Genesis theme with the freelance child theme along with the plugin “All In One SEO.”

    All of the settings look like it should just show the post title but when I do a Google search the extension appears.

    Any ideas on how I can fix this?


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  • I should mention sometimes the post title does come up without the extension – It seems to be random.


    I suspect this might be variations in the way Google “crawls” the web and indexes entries.

    yeah but all the other bloggers just have their post title come up… It looks sloppy and dilutes my keywords in the title.

    Thanks for the info though 🙂

    When you say it seems to be random, is that specific to posts, or is it consistent on posts, and random in other areas like pages and category/tag pages?

    In the settings for All In One SEO you should see some fields for things like Post Title Format, Page Title Format, so on… The entries in the fields are most likely something like (using post title format as an example):

    %post_title% | %blog_title%

    Check those settings and see what is setup to use blog_title, that might where your site name is being generated and can be customized. You might fix your problem if they read to only show:


    I’m not sure if the extension on the tile (- Dr. Jesse Chappus, chiropractor) comes and goes on specific posts, I just know it is there sometimes. For pages and everything else it is the way I want it and consistent.

    Under post title format I set it to just %post_title% awhile back and the extension it is using – Dr. Jesse Chappus, chiropractor is not even something I use on my website.

    Thanks Troy… any other ideas?

    Just did a quick site search and the results seem to me that your problem exists on a welcome page and throughout your photo gallery.

    Is that page being used? Couldn’t find it in the site nav. Is it built as a regular page, or a something else?

    I see the gallery is using the NextGen Gallery plugin. Not overly familiar with the plugin, but maybe something in your settings relating to page titles, or something to do with the pages each photo is creating, like this one.

    The welcome page and photo gallery? How so?

    All my pages are being used. Sorry I’m not familiar with the site nav. All my pages are built as regular pages.

    Yes the gallery is using the NextGen plugin. Something in the NextGen settings relating to page titles? Is there something wrong with the pages the photos are creating?


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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