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    On my website for parents of twins, I have several static pages with links to articles I’ve written. I also have a blog. This morning I noticed that my blog is now appearing on one of my static pages! This may help: the blog post that corrupted everything was tagged with the category “twin pregnancy,” but I also have a static page named “twin pregnancy.” Both are two separate entities and I’ve never had problems with this before.

    When I go in the back end, I can see the static “twin pregnancy” page. It looks fine in the “edit” form but on the right under “page attributes,” it says there is no parent page! (It used to say “twin pregnancy”) It disappeared. (The articles that were under the “twin pregnancy” static page are still visible on the back end.)

    What happened? And how can I fix it?


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  • After returning my SEO by Yoast back to default settings, my blog post is now back to the blogs page, and my static twin pregnancy page has returned. Not really sure why but I’m guessing that it had to do with similar slugs: the slug on the static pregnancy page read “twin-pregnancy,” and that’s the same as the blog post category. Perhaps in the future I should change those two so they are different (but then I’d have to redirect the old pages or posts to new address).

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