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Blog post more button not working

  • 1.Does anyone know why my more buttons on my post aren’t working? I can’t seem to find settings to fix that. I’m new on WP.org and not familiar with HTML.

    I made a test post here: http://dearlovely.com/letters

    2. I’ve made my sidebar invisible, but now there seems to be an imaginary wall preventing me from center my text on pages. See this link for example: http://dearlovely.com/about

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  • It could be a theme issue. Have you tried switching to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific problems? You could also try resetting your custom permalinks back to the default setting via Settings -> Permalinks. If this works, then review Using_Permalinks before setting a custom permalink structure back up again.

    Sorry – forgot Q2…

    Ideally, you need to customise your theme (preferably via a child theme) to remove the call to the sidebar). But, if that’s not an option, you could install a custom CSS plugin (Jetpack has a custom CSS option) and try adding:

    .container_24 .grid_16 {
        width: auto;

    Ah brilliant! The sidebar code thing worked, thank you!!

    I’ll try the default setting on my theme to see if that doesn’t anything with the more buttons now and see..

    I tried switching back to default theme and also another theme just to be sure and the other theme showed the entire post without a more button.

    Try Twenty Eleven or Twenty Twelve.

    I tried both of those.

    Try adding a <!--more--> tag in a post where you want the excerpt/teaser to end.

    That didn’t work either. hmm

    When you were using Twenty Twelve?

    It doesn’t work in Twenty Twelve or my current template. When I put it Twenty twelve it removes the more tab all together which is ok, but then it moves all of my pages around and publishes my blog on my home page etc.

    Please remember that this change is only for troubleshooting purposes. Right now, the most likely culprit for you more link issues is your old theme itself. Trying out Twenty Twelve properly is intended to either confirm or deny this.

    I tried the Twenty Twelve as I mentioned before and the posts look OK, but they are are just now appearing in the wrong place. I’d prefer to stick with my current theme since I’ve already done all the work. All I need now is to figure out the more tabs issue and I’m close to being done. Actually I don’t really need the more tabs, but I think it’s just apart of the theme.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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