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  • I have both a personal profile and a fan page. On my personal profile, my blog posts fine as a note (excerpt), except there is no thumbnail. When you click to view the whole thing, everything is fine. On my fan page, the excerpt also doesn’t show a thumbnail. When you click to view the post, it takes you to the app and the whole post doesn’t show. It cuts it off about in the middle. Which makes it impossible for anyone to leave a comment.

    Also, none of the comments are importing. I have commented both on my blog and on the post through my personal FB profile. Each one only shows the comment that was posted there. I used to have my blog posted to facebook using the networked blogs app, and it would post with a thumbnail, so not sure why WPBook isn’t showing a thumbnail. (But, I don’t know enough of how this works to know why one would, but not the other.)

    My blog is
    my FB app is

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author John Eckman


    The cutting off bit is due to Facebook’s resize javascript failing – likely due to the javascript errors your site is throwing from outbrain, and the add this / add 2 any plugin.

    The Facebook provided javascript to resize the iframe to the right size seems to never even fire – do you have your iframe settings correct in the FB application setting?

    Hi John,
    I’m not sure what has changed, but since I posted this, things are a little different. When it posts to my FB fan page, it now shows a thumbnail with an excerpt from the post. Then when you click to read more, it takes you directly to my blog. The thumbnail now also shows up on my personal wall (with the blog post posting as a note).

    But, if you view the blog posts through the app (, there is a cut-off.

    For the iFrame settings, I have autoresize. I have the canvas width at fixed (760px)

    Well, now it’s not even posting to FB. Back in wordpress, in the WPBook settings, if you click on “Visit this canvas page”, it takes you to Facebook; you see the post (even though it didn’t post to my page or profile), and it is cut off.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    The “cut off” bit has to do with Facebook’s javascript not firing or not completing for some reason – generally this is a mis-configuration (either in the WPBook settings in WordPress or the Facebook application settings) but these are quite difficult to track down.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Right now, when I just went to look, I didn’t get the “cutoff” version but got a scrollbar, which suggests the iframe is not set to auto-resize.

    When I deleted and reinstalled, I noticed it wasn’t cut off anymore. The process to create an app in facebook is different than when I set up the app before. So I might have done something different that wasn’t correct before. I’m assuming iFrame is not supposed to be set to auto-resize, and since it’s not cut off the way I have it is correct? Now if I can just get it to start posting again to my Facebook, then I can tackle the comments.

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Well, I guess it is a user choice.

    You have it set to show scrollbars inside the frame.

    If you change the setting to autoresize, the Facebook javascript is supposed to size the iframe to the content – no scrollbars. But if that fails, you get the “cutoff” look.

    So the scrollbars is basically a fallback – it works, but I like it better with autoresize on – see how looks.

    Not sure if I should open a new post.

    i have managed to install and run wpbook (v. 2.2.3 on WP 3.2.1).

    blog is posting to the Wall of a Facebook Group, works great.]

    PROBLEM: comments sharing NOT WORKING
    comments made on blog are not showing on fb wall
    comments meade on fb wall are not showing up on blog under the post

    I have no idea and will appreciate help on how to start troubleshooting.

    It’s not a matter of waiting, as I also have CoreControl and did a manual runof the WPbook chron

    all is being setup on a test site
    fb App (but I’m not intending to use this one)

    pls let me know what other info you may need. Thanx

    Plugin Author John Eckman



    Comments made on the blog will not show up on the Facebook wall – that is not a feature of WPBook. They will show up on the corresponding blog post in the facebook view (for example: )

    As far as comments made on the FB wall not showing up on the blog post, have you verified that wpcron is running, and waited an hour after making a post for the comment import to run?

    hi John,
    I had figured that wpbook would flsh blog comments on the blog page in fb, just didn’t understand clearly if it would do tha same with fb walls.

    my real issue is the fb-to-blog-stream.
    I knew about the hourly refresh rate, that’s why I quoted core control.
    wpbook_cron_job is running hourly and i tried to run manually. I have had this issue for more than a day, htrefore i don’t think it’s a matter of refresh.

    i’m open to alternate solutions 😉

    thanks 🙁

    Plugin Author John Eckman


    Ramidus – a few things to check.

    First, I assume you’ve looked at the “Check Permissions” page? Link lives in the WordPress admin page for WPBook settings – sends you to a page inside your Facebook app which should list what permissions have been set, and what access_tokens stored.

    Second, have you enabled debugging (also in WPBook settings), and does WPBook successfully create a debug file inside it’s own plugin directory?

    When you run the cron task manually, does it return any errors?

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