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  • Hello,

    After updating my WordPress core to version 3.8 I tried to update your plugin from version 7.0.6 to 7.0.7 and when I did, I found that all of the content in my blog posts was not viewable on the front end but the titles were in tact. When I looked in my editor all of the content was available. Luckily I use version control so I just rolled back to the old version and everything was there again. Any idea what might be causing this issue? I’ve updated this plugin on two other sites and I didn’t notice a problem. Please advise.

    Thank you

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  • same problem here. Unfortunately I didn’t have version control installed so I had to just disable the plug-in 🙁

    Me three. Titles and comments were there, but images and post test were not showing in the front end.

    I disabled, then enabled the plugin and that fixed it.

    Me four 😉 All content except the menu and the widgetsarea disapeared.

    Fortunatly the solution from phbyerly was the solution.

    I disabled, then enabled the plugin and that fixed it.

    Perhaps Sharethis could update this version of the plugin to prevent this bug?

    To everyone with this problem:
    This is an weird problem. After deactivated, just re-activate again and all is back to normal!!

    To ShareThis:
    Pls fix this fast before many start to switch away!!

    This is a big scare as I’m running 5 blogs with a lot of different plugins and having to troubleshoot 1 by 1 is a nightmare!

    Another note:
    The issue is noticed:
    Mozilla FF >> All sites can’t display
    IE >> Some display and some don’t.

    deactivating and re-activating fixed the problem for me too. thanks for sharing that tip arkadaff

    Same problem, same solution (deactivate, reactivate).

    Today I see 7.0.8 is out – but no mention of this issue. Anyone tried it?

    Apologies for the inconvenience.
    If you want you can deactivate and reactivate the existing Plugin, and it won’t create the same issue again.
    In case if the issue still persists, you can upgrade to a new release (v. 7.0.8). This is up now. This release should resolve the issue.
    We really appreciate the quick feedback. Thanks again for your patience and for using ShareThis!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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