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  • Not the software, the pages & posts themselves. We just moved over to a new server, and since then, after an update, new post or page or whatever, the site will “revert” back to a different state. The same state it was in right before the move.

    I thought it was the BackWPUp plugin doing it, but I deactivated it. This morning, however, I found it activated again, and again the old version was up. This is NOT making my client happy. We’re probably going to have to go back to the old server for the time being while I try to figure out what’s wrong with the new server version.

    Any idea what could be causing this? I can’t figure it out, and if I can’t even deactivate what I think might be the main culprit, then the site will be rendered unupdatable, and useless.

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  • Quick update, for whatever reason, NOW it’s showing the newer version. My colleague said this happened to him yesterday. Depending on how he was logged in.

    If I’m on the VPN, the newer one shows. If I’m OFF the vpn, the older one shows. Any reason for this too?

    Server caching/Proxy Server settings, Host Configuration, WordPress cache plugins, CDN delays.

    none of the other wp sites, including mine are experiencing this. shouldn’t be server related.

    Your comment:

    NOW it’s showing the newer version

    Indicated to me this possibility. Can you please list the theme and all plugins in use on this site?

    A site link may help also. (it’s in Italian) Trentino Wines should be the newest main content. You’ll see it twice on the homepage. Sometimes though “Wordoor Networking” is the newest, though it’s not supposed to be. There’s two more listings since Wordoor, both of them having to do with a restaurant called Da Marco. The Trentino Wines page is one of them.

    Theme: Zenko Magazine

    Adsense Widget
    Akismet (deactivated)
    Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin (AWPCP)
    BackWPup (just deactivated, but on other version, activated)
    Google Analyticator
    Google News
    Gravatar Signup Encouragement
    New Tag Cloud
    Register Plus
    Search Everything
    Use Google Libraries
    WP Forum Server

    Unfortunately, I cannot review your site as it is blacklisted:

    Interesting. SiteAdvisor only. They blacklisted a few of mine until I wrote them & asked them what the hell was going on. Within 24 hours, they unblacklisted it.

    Thanks anyways. I’ll get onto Siteadvisor AGAIN & tell them where to go and what to go do with themselves.

    Try a clean install with a good host…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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