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  • Hi guys I’m using wordpress 2.0.2 and nigiri sushi theme beta 2. I’ve experienced some problem witht the possibility of showing more than one post per page. I found the options (options/reading/blog pages). I’ve more than 10 posts in my blog (still working on it) but when I configure the options for showing at most 10 or 5 posts per page it just shows one post. I Even tryed with the classic theme

    Something really strange: After installing the same version of firefox I’m using (the latest) at my friend’s pc it showed 10 post per page. But at my house it just shows one post

    If you mind this is the url of my blog:
    thanks in advance


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  • I can see only one – and for a photoblog that’s expected.
    (My guess it is hardcoded in the index)

    @ moshu thanks for the reply, I know that for a photoblog it’s expected that way. But if it was hardcoded in the index why should not it work wiht other themes ?
    Even the default or the classic one.
    thanks and sorry for my bad english


    Good question (don’t worry about the English).
    Are you sure you set the number of posts and not days? (the “days” have some bug and not work properly)

    I tried both with “posts” and “days” with 2-4-8 and 3-6-9 posts/days. with most of my theme (including default and classic one).


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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