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  • Hello,

    I am just wondering whether the maximum number of blog posts shown per page which is set in Settings > Reading includes sticky posts?

    When I am using XAMPP to test out a theme, the homepage will only show the same number of posts as set there, or more if there are more sticky posts. For example, if I set ‘Blog pages show at most’ to 10 and I have 10 sticky posts + 2 normal posts, only 10 sticky posts will be shown. If I have 12 sticky posts, 12 sticky posts posts will be shown regardless of that settings.

    However, when I have uploaded the theme to a webhost and testing it out, it seems that the figure set in ‘Blog pages show at most’ is only applied to normal posts. For instance, if I set 10 and I have 2 sticky posts + 10 normal posts, 12 posts will be shown at the homepage instead.

    So, which is the correct behaviour? I would actually like to achieve the result in the 2nd paragraph (first example).

    Thanks for helping!

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  • Sticky posts are shown in addition to the number of posts set in ‘Blog pages show at most’. If you have ‘Blog pages …’ set to 3, and you have 5 sticky posts, you will show 8 posts total on the first page.

    Thanks for the reply!

    Here is what I have noticed. If I have 1 normal post and 1 sticky post, and I set ‘Blog pages …’ to 1, only 1 post (the sticky, also the latest) will be shown instead of having both the sticky and normal posts shown.

    However, if there is another post which is newer than the sticky post, the frontpage will show both the sticky post and the latest normal post.

    So, I’m just wondering why is this behaviour is not consistent?

    But it is consistent unless you want to show the same post twice on the page. Most people do not. In fact there are many requests for help in eliminating duplicates in themes or custom templates which allow them.

    What I think a more ‘consistent’ approach is, sticky posts should be totally excluded from the ‘Blog pages…’ count. So, using the previous situation, I should get both posts (Post A being the normal post, Post B being the sticky post) with Post B above Post A (sorted by latest) instead of showing Post B only.

    Then, if I add Post C, then the page should show Post B at the top (as it is a sticky post) and Post C below, with Post A pushed to the next page.

    Thanks for replying anyway 🙂



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    what theme are you using?

    what happens if you temporarily switch to the default theme Twenty Eleven?

    I am using the Twenty Eleven theme to test this out because I want to eliminate other factors (such as a coding problem in a custom theme).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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