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    I’ve just noticed an issue with my blog page. The title of my blog page is now the same as the most recent blog post. Instead of being a static meta title, it changes each time I post a new blog. If I go to page 2, I see the title tag is the most recent blog post from page 2.

    I checked Google cache and the cached version of my blog page from April 17th shows the correct meta title so it must have been in the past couple of updates of the plugin that this happened (pretty sure I updated them late).

    I have double and triple-checked my settings and I cleared out all functionality in my title tag and set it to just wp_title(”) and have checked to make sure there isn’t anything else setting the title.

    Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting this? This is the first and only issue I’ve had with the plugin. Other than that, it’s been awesome!


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  • I’m having the same issue. I just installed the plugin yeasterday, but Just noticed the problem now.

    I also have this issue and noticed since the last update any help with this problem will much appreciated!

    hmmm… I guess it’s good that other people are seeing it so it’s not something only with my site. If we don’t hear from anyone that has an idea of the issue, I’ll trying digging through the code and see if I can find the issue.

    I assume that you are using a self hosted blog and Here is how you can fix this issue. Install an SEO plugin, I recommend WordPress SEO by Yoast.

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    i am using WordPress SEO by Yoast. I’m sure everyone is this discussion is…

    but i’m sure your vague post was just so you could drop your website link in. smooth…

    daveydz3, my apologies if that was misleading. i did not mean to. My intentions were truly to help. I had experienced similar issues in the past. While using SEO plugin for WP you have an option to define your Meta Description. if you do that, then it will not pick up the latest post description.

    @wpplugineditor, I think it would be best if you just left the conversation as I don’t think you understand what we’re talking about here. This is tagged with WordPress SEO so it’s a support conversation for the WordPress SEO plugin. Maybe I should have mentioned that in my post to make it easier to understand but I did post it from the specific support page.

    The link you posted was not helpful. It was a blatant link building effort and had no relevance to the conversation other than we were talking about a WordPress plugin.

    Furthermore, you continued to exhibit that you don’t know what we’re talking about by referencing the description tag when we’re talking about the meta title. We have entered the meta title for the blog page and it’s not showing up, it instead shows the meta title of the most recent blog post. It used to but after recent updates it does not.

    Please don’t post unless you have something specific to say about this plugin, this issue, and something you have done to fix it or something else you have seen that is related.

    Any success with fixing this issue?, I have tried to fix this problem but been unsuccessful..This bug really messes up things with this great plugin..I have noticed that this error does not happen when your blog page is on your homepage/frontpage..

    I don’t have any fixes right now. I’ve taken a look at the code but couldn’t find anything that stood out to me. I guess we wait to see if Joost catches this post or maybe I can have one of my developers look through it next week.

    I’m having the same problem on my blog. I noticed it with All In One SEO and thought it was the plugin so I switched to WordPress SEO from Yoast and it’s still happening.

    Wonder if it’s the latest WP update causing the blunders!

    Anyway, I’m running the Arras theme and haven’t found any answers on their forum so I’m not sure what to do. I’m tempted to switch themes to see if a newer theme will fix it but I don’t have the time to customize a new theme right now.

    Please let us know if anyone finds a working answer. I like the features the WordPress SEO offers but they aren’t very useful right now! 🙁

    I don’t think it is the theme since I am using different themes on two different sites and this issue is still there..

    I don’t think it’s the theme since many different people are seeing it. I don’t know what’s going on with my blog page now. I didn’t change anything and now it’s showing my title as “blog-title – blog-tagline”. I tried upgrading to the latest small release of WP but it’s still there. I’ve double-checked my header and I’m outputting the wptitle only, it shows correct in the snippet preview on the blog page, and I don’t have a template set for pages.

    Does anyone know where the best place to look would be for this? I’m assuming the issue is related since I had this original issue. The only thing that changed is that I posted another blog.

    I’m not seeing any issues with any other pages or posts.

    This issue remains with the latest update released today as I have tried with several different I guess I just have to change plugin..anyone had any experience with changing to All in one SEO from Yoast WordPress SEO plugin?

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