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  1. acornrevolution
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am putting the finishing touches on my blog and ran into an organization problem. My blog is a hybrid blog and website. It's mostly a resource site for students. For example, I have a list of ESL games. I also will be adding more games through blog posts as I find them, and as we work with them in class. My question is, what is the best way to display both the list of games as well as the blog posts on the same page. I came up with two options and can't decide which is better.

    Option 1: Clicking on Games, brings you to the Games category, and a sticky post is at the top with a list of games. All other Games categorized posts go below it.

    Pros: everything is on one page.
    Cons: The blog posts may be overlooked if the list is too long.
    Example: http://www.anthonyteacher.com/category/videos/ (I don't have any blog posts in this category, only the list so far).

    Option 2: Clicking on Games, brings you to the Games category, and below the title there is a link to a list of games. All posts go under that link.

    Pros: blog posts are easily seen.
    Cons: a lot of navigating and clicking.
    Example: http://www.anthonyteacher.com/category/games/

    Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions would be great!

  2. Jen
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    This post is miscategorized. I'm moving it to the Your WordPress forum so the right people can see it.

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