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  • Hey Support Team,

    I saw the great and creative blog order on the demo pinboard page, my question is, how can i get this order/ which settings are to use to get this? The contributions on my page are just listed one below an other, in a row.

    sorry for my bad english.

    your sincerely


    PS: here the link to my page

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  • Hallo: 2 Schritte:
    1. Klicke auf: Appearance >> Theme Options >> Home Page – Full posts to display: 0 Full posts to display before grid. (Klick SAVE SETTINGS)
    2. Auf der Them Options Seite oben auf: LAYOUT klicken.
    Scroll to: Grid Layout Dimensions – Content Columns: SET TO 3 or 4 (Je mehr Columns desto kleiner die Thumbnails im Grid. (SAVE SETTINGS)
    Versuche es mal und viel Glueck! Groggo

    Ok, thank you, now they are listed side by side, but parallel. dependent on the size of a contribution?

    And how can I get a video as a thumbnail in a contribution?

    Hi again Pam, if you set the settings to only show an EXCERPT in the category grid, you can limit the amount of words so all have the same length. I also size thumbnail sized images for the “featured image” and upload them seperately so I get the same sizes.
    Re Video thumbnail: You can try the “Video thumbnail” plugin: – once installed it displays thumbnails for you. Have fun. Viel Spass, lol

    Ok thank you very much!!! 😀
    I’ve got one little question … 🙂
    The contributions are not centered by using google chrome (they are bounded on the left side). but if I minimize the window, the contributions will be centered. if i use the internet explorer, everything will be fine. do you have an idea, what the problem is?

    Pam, it looks ok in my browsers.. chrome and IE look the same for me, so maybe it’s just some settings on your own computer? Anyway, this sort of finetuning can be difficult as there are too many screensizes, devices and browser settings to consider. For a site like your’s it’s probably not 100% important. However, if you post that question as a new thread there might be someone that finds your question and has an answer.
    But I also wanted to tell you about a problem I encountered on your site: Gallery Page. There are just a lot of LARGE images. If you first change them to just THUMBNAILS when you upload images, then install “LightBox” or “ColorBox” plugin, that will display the full size when people click on the THUMBNAILS, loads faster and is more elegant.
    Onother great feature I found is EASY COLUMNS. This enables you to put in a code that creates a column layout on the page, Try it. Once installed you click a button in the editor to create column code. Then insert writing in the spaces where it says: “Column one” etc. Its easy once you tried it.
    Otherwise your site looks great, I am sure you’ll add some more design features and it will look professional. (Great photos you are taking too!) Have fund, Groggo

    Wow ok, thank you very much again! 😀
    I think that the finetuning can be difficult, too. Today i tried to get the page faster with some Plugins and now the contributions have their full size, on my blogpage. i don’t know why they aren’t in the short form, how I adjust it, although I deleted the plugins … 😀

    If i have enough time, i will try your plugins. I’m happy about every tips and compliment!!! 😀

    I solved the short form problem 😀

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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