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  • Hi,
    I’ve got a weird issue going on with one computer. I installed the Blubrry powerpress to put an audio player in my blog. It works fine on most computers, but one computer using IE8 it works fine, but using Firefox, the home blog page opens up for a second and turns white. One thing I noticed is that if I remove the enclosure which contains a link to the mp3, the page opens fine (but has no player). It is only happening on that one computer. Also, I don’t have a duplicate link to the mp3 in the blog post itself.

    I’ve completely uninstalled and reinstalled firefox. It is also worth noting that a Mozilla Add-ons box opens up and a box with a red x. I’m a little fuzzy on this part because the computer is remote and I haven’t seen this happen. I’ve tried reinstalling the Java, shockwave, and flash plugins, but that hasn’t helped.

    Any suggestions?

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  • To state the obvious, you need to figure out whether this is a problem specific to the computer where you experience it, or a general problem with a specific browser. I would recommend that you explore the whole topic of Cross-Browser Testing, which has come a long way in the last two years. I found that this article was a good place to start: Caveat: despite how recently the article was written, it is already quite out of date. That is how fast Cross-Browser Testing has come in only a few months.

    Concept: use a web-based service that, at a minimum, gives you screenshots of several different configurations of browser, browser version and operating system. Some of the newer ones are evolving to let you actually test drive a browser on your specific site’s page without actually installing the browser yourself.

    This is becoming an essential service for anyone who does much CSS work. Or, as I found out a couple of weeks ago, who supports a web application. I had a visitor to my web site who said specific buttons were missing. And it turned out to be something wrong with his Firefox cache of images from the specific web site.


    Did you installed google chrome add-on in firefox then disable it and have a check.


    Shane G.

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