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  • Hi guys,
    I was just hoping some of you might like to review my template and/or the content located here:
    It’s the journalism template, which I modified quite a bit until I got it looking the way I wanted. Thanks for your time if you decide to hop on over there. Cheers,

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  • I find it not so easy to read. You need to use a larger point size or a shorter line length.

    I’ll have to echo Chrisber here. Your columns are very wide for scannable reading. A significant portion of the content is in blockquote format, which is still too wide, and when it reverts to the full column width it’s pretty daunting.

    Clearly, you’re a writer at heart. I’m right with you in that regard, and I respect a healthy content-first approach. But when the page is just one long scrolling block of black-and-white, you risk giving off an “OCD” appearance that may turn away prospective readers.

    The lack of any imagery is double-quizzical (?) when your “that’s me” photo depicts you holding a camera. So maybe it’s intentionally ironic and I’m missing the point.

    My first ideas would be adding a left sidebar of some sort, which would shorten the main column width and thus lighten up the page appearance. You might also try using some floating photos inside the stories, or some icons to mark off page elements. Or even just using excerpts instead of full stories on the front page.

    One thing I do really like is the way your theme handles the post metadata. It’s a fairly rational format for a single-author site; I may have to try to work with that format for my next project.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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