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    Please help.

    My blog was working fine last week and showing across all browsers. This week, traffic has dropped, and I have found that it is no longer viewable in IE. I have disabled all plug-ins and removed everything I have done since last Thursday, except posts.

    Anything you can suggest?

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  • When you view source, you’ll notice this line right below your title tag:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" media="screen" />

    Note the reference to the stylesheet contains a “.php” at the end of your stylesheet name….

    IE probably cannot understand that this should be ignored – try removing or correcting it first to see if that helps….

    Also you list another stylesheet right below that… you need two stylesheets for some reason? There are better ways to use alternate stylesheets….

    How would I delete that first line with the css.php – I cannot find it anywhere

    I have
    style.css.php – which says Hi there,

    If you’re planning on making modifications to this file, you’d rather use HTML Inserts in the theme options.
    Just wrap your css rules in a <style type=”text/css”></style> tag pair, and put them in the first textbox on
    the HTML Inserts page.

    Doing it this way will keep the theme easily updatable.

    I am lost…

    Look in header.php. You didn’t close your title tag. </title>

    OMG – thank you! That was it. I had changed it up but never went back in to close it when I removed some code.

    Thank you for the extra pair of eyes!!!

    Sometimes when you’re looking too hard it’s the obvious that alludes you. 😉

    Let’s start back at the top.
    How long have you had this blog?
    What version of WordPress are you on?

    I’m not exactly sure what your style sheet is trying to say. We do need to get rid of the .php extension that TrishaM pointed out. It is probably in a file called header.php in your theme.

    Lenk, it looks like the title tag is closed to me, that’s weird

    Great, I must have arrived on the scene right after the fix was made. Well done lenk.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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