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  • hello, there’s someone who can help me please?
    it seems like blog can’t access database files, so browser shows only an empty site.. no pages, no articles.
    another big problem: i can’t login in wp-admin.. system replies me that my username and my email address are not valid!!

    you can check blog @

    p.s. i think wp version is 2.6.3 but i’m not sure..

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  • Did the site work in the first place? What were you doing when it stopped working?

    ericmann asked probably the most important question, ‘What were you doing when it stopped working?’ But also think about, ‘Did your web host send you any emails about software updates/upgrades or configuration changes?’

    According to your site’s meta tags you are running WordPress 2.6.3, by the way.

    hello, thank you for help.
    i haven’t done anything, site just stopped working correctly.
    my web host didn’t send me any change/update email.
    anyway.. do you think it could be a host problem?

    I am experienceing the same problem on my blog…any advice is welcome! I am also checking my host.

    OK. I just tried to look at your site again and I got a database connection error two or three times before the site finally loaded (missing the articles). The site loaded very slowly as well. It took a couple of minutes.

    What this suggests to me if I’m parsing it right is that your database configuration values are correct and the site can connect to the database. WP pretty much has to connect to the database to do anything at all. It ‘feels’ like a server problem to me. The behavior suggests that you are on an overloaded server– so overloaded that sometimes the DB connection gets refused altogether and sometimes it times out. This last bit is my bet for why you don’t see posts. The ‘posts’ query is a pretty big query and if the server is overloaded that would be a good candidate for timing out.

    So given that, I think you need to contact your web host and see if they can sort this out. Be nice. There are a number of things that could overload the server, not all of which are the webhost’s fault.

    ok thank you, i’ll try to contact my web host and check if server is overloaded.

    Be nice. It works better, at least for first contact. Ask them if they’ve had any other complaints. The problem could be that they put too many accounts on a shared server (which would be the host’s fault) but the problem could also be that someone on that shared server, including you, has a misbehaving script (which would not be the host’s fault) or someone is accessing the DB an awful lot (which would also not be the host’s fault). The web host ought to be able to help in any of these cases though.

    Also remember: We might be wrong about this. We are debugging. We don’t know for sure yet.

    here i am.
    so.. my web host suggests me that problem is that blog tries connect to an IP, but this IP refuses connection, and this is why goes in timeout.
    i guess this connection probably starts from a plugin installed in my blog, but i can’t check it, because i can’t access in wp control panel.

    You are best backing up everything including the DB before doing any of this… before think about doing any of this.

    If it is a plugin and you can’t get into the WP backend, then you are going to have to brute force it a little bit. Login to the backend provided by your webhost, copy (download) everything in the plugin directory to your harddrive, then delete the plugins from wp-content/plugins. What should happen is that WP will deactivate the plugins since all the files are now missing. You could also delete plugins one at a time and try loading the site after each deletion.

    The problem could conceivably be in the theme template itself. If it is, more or less the same procedure applies except that you want to leave the WP Default theme in place. WP should notice that the selected theme is missing and fall back on the Default.

    Maybe, also, wait a little bit to see if anyone else has a better idea. I actually feel kinda bad about telling you do it this way. If, however, you really can’t get in I’m not sure how else to deactivate the plugins.

    i think your ideas are ok, don’t worry if they look too brute!!
    i hope that problem is linked to a plugin.. it looks easier to be resolved.
    soon i will try and tell you.

    hello apljdi, site now is running!!
    i tried what you suggested me, and actually found a plugin problem..
    plugin non running was wp-forecast, i discovered it removing plugin directories from wp-content/plugins folder.
    fortunately this plugin is not so important in my blog, so i think i will just non enable it anymore..
    thank you very much for your help, have a nice day.

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