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  • I have updated my blog with 2 new posts and I had replied to a comment made to my last post today at school. When I checked my blog at school, all the updates were showing just fine in IE. However, just of now, when I check back on my blog on my home computer, none of my updates where showing in IE or Mozilla, even if i refresh the page. Furthermore, when I logged in, I had more spam from a site that I already banned.

    How is that possible? Is it my browsers’ problem or WP’s? And is there a way to recover the comments and posts I made today?

    The link to my blog is here:

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  • Hmm, you sure no one has access to your admin panel or your passwords? Unless your server rolled back the databases which could’ve happened if something happened to the server, the only possibility that i can think of is that someone got into your admin panel and deleted those posts?

    The thing is, I have never given the password to anyone else, and the only other person having access to the ftp/cpanel of my website is highly unlikely to delete anything from my blog, if it’s possible to do so from there. I have no clue if the servers rolled back or not. ><

    It happened again. After I fixed it last night, the last update on the blog is not showing again. COuld it be a bug somewhere in the software?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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