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    A few days ago, I was having a hard time uploading an image. The uploader acted like it was uploading the image but then the image would not appear. I worked around it by manually uploading the image elsewhere and linking to it. I didn’t think to look at past posts to see if their images were OK, just figured it was a problem with the uploader, which I know has given other folks fits in the past.

    Today, I wrote another post and was unable to upload an image to use as the feature image. Or, rather, I could upload it, just couldn’t see it either in the draft or published post. When I clicked on the link for the image, I got a 403 permission denied message.

    Then I noticed that all of our images are gone from pages and posts. (Header and sidebars are OK.)

    I did go into the files on my server (Bluehost) and the pictures are still there in the “uploads” file within WP Content.

    I did check, and the permissions for the uploads file is set at 755 as it should be. I did notice that the permissions for the individual images were different, 644 I think, but setting the permissions for one of them to 755 did not make that one appear.

    I did turn off all plug-ins. No improvement. I also upgraded to the latest WordPress and deleted all inactive plug-ins.

    I did check, and the settings check-box telling WordPress to organize images by date is not checked.

    What else could there be for me to do?

    The website is

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  • I get this when putting the image file URL in the browser directly:

    403 Permission Denied
    You do not have permission for this request /wp-content/uploads/emaabw.jpg

    So that does look like permissions may be the problem.

    Perhaps the issue is in your .htaccess file(s)?

    Here is what wordpress recommends you use:

    Is there any sinificant discrepancies with your own?

    jibbius, thanks for that suggestion but I don’t understand. Where should I see (or put) that code? What does it do?

    An .htaccess file is in the main directory of the website (it’s a hidden file, so you may have to change some settings in your FTP client to be able to see it?).

    This file instructs apache (your webserver), how to respond to requests from the web.

    It’s possible that caching / other plugins may have modified this file.

    Thanks. I think we’ve got the problem solved. Another Simple Script application that we had installed on a different subdomain had overwritten (or created) a .htaccess file at the root level, which must have been interfering with the workings of the .htaccess files in the blog’s subdomain. Thanks to all for advice!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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