• The blog module will not display a grid layout in the newer versions of Divi. The sort works, but the grid layout does not. It will only display full width even when grid is selected. I can’t speak about the other modules because I only was interested in the blog module.

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    Hello, rbwallis.
    Thank you for using my plugin.

    I noticed the same issue with the new version. I will have it fixed shortly.


    Any luck fixing this issue? Im currently developing new website with lot of custom post types/taxonomies and this plugin was a really time saver for me. Unfortunately, I needed to refreshed permalinks today and suddenly portfolio module grid view broke down.

    I found that when you switch pretty permalinks to ugly “plain” form, the blog and extended portfolio module start working properly displaying grid layout as It was selected in module options.

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    Plugin Author acmemediakits


    Hello, thank you for using my plugin.
    The issue you have is may due to the “permalink trick”, just go to permalinks page and click save.

    If you still have issues with the plugin I can now give you support



    I struggled for several hours with the strange hit-and-miss visibility of the Divi Blog Module Grid. The problem was only in Mac Safari. The 3-column, 2-row grid would usually appear first time I visited the page, but then with each page refresh, the blog elements would load but would be invisible – you could cursor over the grid elements with the Developer Tools gunsight cursor, and you could actually click on an invisible blog featured image thumbnail and it would take you to that blog entry. So, it was not a case of incomplete loading of HTML elements. It seemed to me to be a JavaScript issue.

    I tried purging cache, deleting cookies, optimization with SiteGround Optimizer, and even Cloudflare CDN image delivery with CSS and JS minification. I even tried the “Permalink trick.” Nothing worked.

    I found the solution: Animation had been set to None. I switched Animation to Fade. The Blog Grid began to appear reliably EVERY time I hit page refresh in Safari. There is some bug in the Animation JavaScript which causes Safari 11.x to fail to render the elements visible – but only when Animation is set to None.

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    Hi rschletty!
    Thank you very much for the great debug job.
    The big issue on overriding default Divi modules is taking control over default js behaviors.
    My approach has been timing my functions after page load, but with recent Divi upgrades, this solution is not always valid.

    Take care



    Mirko, it might be helpful for you to see the problem configuration and the solution:

    In this Divi Blog Module Grid, Animation is set to None. All blog feed elements are sometime invisible – especially with page refresh and only in Safari 11.x (at least as far as I have tested). Clicking on “Develop: Empty Caches” will make the blog feed appear. But a subsequent page refresh will render it invisible again:


    With Divi Blog Module Grid set to Animation: Fade, the blog feed always appears:


    Why is Safari being so glitchy?

    I just realized that I posted under your plugin “ACME Divi Modules” – but I do not have it installed on this particular site. I am using the built-in Divi Blog Module Grid. So I am not sure if my post is relevant in this forum thread.

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    After finding my way here through googling — @rschletty, I also want to offer some very large thanks to you for your debug work… This issue was happening for me with a different third part Divi Blog Module, also just in Safari… In all details the exact same description as yours for what was happening…

    And this solution works, to set the Animation to Fade… Yay…!

    With appreciation and kind regards…

    If a feature doesn’t work because of updates to DIVI, then take out the feature if you cannot fix it so it doesn’t become a bug.

    @crzyhrse – Glad the fix worked for you.

    @jameskatt – Agreed! We should not be subject to this aggravation. I tore my hair out – and I have lots of it. I find myself using Divi less these days on new sites because of slow loading or failure to load. Has Divi become a victim of feature/cuteness bloat?

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