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  • What resolutions are all the monitors running — are they the same?

    I’m at 1280×768 and it looks fine. The problem one is 1024 x 768, but the other good one is at 1024 x 768 too

    you have to be confused… it’s got to be the 1280 x 768 that’s tiny… and the two at 1024 x 768 are okay.

    it’s beyond unlikely that the same resolution on the same kind of computer is going to produce two different outputs.

    Nope. I’m looking at the resolution on my computer right now. It’s a Sony Vaio with 17″ screen. It’s definitely 1280 x 768. And yes, I just checked again and the Gateway 19″ monitor is set at 1024×768 and displays fine.

    But the Dell monitor that’s 19″ also is set at 1024 x 768 and that is the one that is displaying tiny.

    The weird thing is that the ONLY site that looks that way on that monitor is my blog.

    I even just changed themes to test it. It’s as if it’s just screenshots of the blog. I wouldn’t care except I’m worried there is some weird glitch that will show up on other monitors. Thanks

    take a screenshot & post the JPG
    I would like to see what this looks like in tiny!

    What browsers are you using on the 3 computers?

    ll: “it’s beyond unlikely that the same resolution on the same kind of computer is going to produce two different outputs”

    Don’t forget: different OS, different browsers, different color depth, different Text-Size setting, different kind or age of monitor, settings over-riding a stylesheet… Many scenarios in which 2 computers will show a website differently.

    Are you by chance viewing this in IE 7 maybe in the little thumbnails view they have?

    I think they call it quick tabs….

    yes, dgold – and how often do you know of people using ALL those different settings as personal preferences?

    must you follow me around these forums and correct EVERYTHING i ever say? even when it’s not really incorrect?

    small one – 24 bit (nothing higher available) 6.0 Explorer. Mine (looks fins) is 32 bit IE 6.0.
    I took a screenshot but don’t see an option to upload a file here.

    Plus, it isn’t a thumbnail as it has the correct height. Just the width is squished.

    Thanks Susan

    Oops. No fish :). I meant mine looks fine (not “fins.”)

    Susan – you can’t upload them here – you’ll have to host it yourself and give us the link…

    Note – I’m looking at it on a 17″ Dell flatscreen at 1024 and it looks fine to me as well, using WinXP, and either firefox or IE

    Here is a web page with both the bad and good screenshots:


    it appears perhaps your Text Size is set strangely

    there are at least 2 places this could happen

    in IE, i think it is View > Text Size

    in Windows generally, Control Panel > Appearance Properties > Font Size

    OHMYGOD! That was it! 🙂 He had his text size set to smaller. But I still don’t understand why all other websites, etc., didn’t shrink. Is there a setting in my blog I need to change???? Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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