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    I integrated a blog into a website, and it looks pretty good. I tested it on different browsers by hand and with Adobe Browser Lab, and the only browser that’s giving me trouble is of course Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP. When viewed in this browser, there appears to be a big chunk of empty white space that precedes the first post, pushing it far down the screen vertically. Have you run into this problem before? Any idea how to fix this so the blog looks good in this browser?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Michael


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    without a link to your site, it’s dificult to help.

    try and identify the div that is pushed down, and the surrounding divs that might influence it.
    firefox developer addon or firebug are good tools to do this, even the site displys fine in this browser.

    check the validation of your code , and fix any errors.

    if all this fails, try and add conditional IE7 css styles for the effected div.

    A good start would be a good article on conditional browser comments from where you can start designing also for IE 7..or whatever.


    Sorry, the blog I built having this problem is here:

    Displays good in other browsers, except for IE5, 6, and 7.

    Any ideas, just from looking at the weirdness going on there? Thanks for replying so far.


    Thanks for the link. So far, no avail, but I’m hopeful.



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    your html code has a lot of styles before the DOCTYPE declaration, which needs to be the first line in html files.

    check your header.php and move all these style to somewhere between the head tags.
    you might want ot run a validation check on your site:

    you have a 1000px div .contentarea with 800px .content and 200px .sidebar sueezed within.

    that could be a bit tight for IE.
    play with increasing .contentarea to 1010px, for instance, and see if that helps.


    Excellent suggestion. I’ll implement these changes and see what happens; they’re easy enough to do, and I haven’t tried them yet. Thanks so much for taking the time to write!


    Your suggestion was right on the money; the blog checks out in Internet Explorer now. That duplicated style code and rearranged header into must have been the culprit behind the problem. A thousand thanks!

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