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  1. bmorris110
    Posted 4 years ago #

    PSD layout:

    Web URL:

    I'm trying to figure out the best way code my index.php to match my PSD.
    I'm not sure how to code custom fields in this way.
    I was also going to setup a default featured image for each category like this site:

    Here is how I would prefer:
    1. "BLOG" title pulled via PHP from page that is being used for blog posts.

    Column 1
    2. Post 1 Title is pulled from custom field labeled Title with h2 tag
    3. Post 1 Sub-Title is pulled from custom field labeled Sub-Title with h3 tag
    4. Snippet pulls just the right amount for vertical length
    5. Share icons

    Column 2
    6. Featured Image thumbnail is placed next to that
    7. Thumbnail opens Fancybox window for YouTube link from custom field labeled URL

    Column 3
    8. Sidebar has a list of categories like so

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