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    I’m having an issue with my Blog att ever since April 5th when my blog traffic was reduced to 1/3 of my ordinary traffic. I’m back to the same traffic that I had when I started my blog about 3 years ago.

    I’ve been trying to reach the support on WP, but I’ve received no replies on the forum so far. Should I change my Blog to org instead of com? If I do, will perhaps my problem remain?

    This is my issue:

    Ever since April 5/6 I’ve lost 2/3 of my ordinary traffic.

    I was recommended by a friend to run the blog’s website through Sucuri, and the result was that there was no malware, I was not blacklisted, or had any other kind of problems.

    However, I did discover SOMETHING. The other day I checked the “referers” on my Blog and I noticed a couple of Facebook urls that looked strange (started with “lm.facebook”). I clicked on one of them and it lead me to a warning message. I’ll try to translate it (it was an automatic message in my langauge):

    “An error has occurred! Unfortunately there was a problem with this link:——
    Now you can proceed to the website or return to the previous site. Remember to only follow links that you can trust.”

    So this is the message that at least some readers must have received when trying to enter my blog through Facebook. I tried to enter my blog through a link on Facebook and didn’t find any problems myself, and I also noticed on my files that also other people have succeeded to enter my blog through Facebook, but clearly some got this warning message.

    I do NOT get much traffic from Facebook so Facebook is NOT the reason for my reduced blog traffic. They just encountered problems with my Blog (or some blog urls) and apparently automatically sends out warning messages. My Blog doesn’t seem safe. I wonder why?

    I’ve also made some google searches for some of my blog articles, and sometimes it’s impossible to find them even though the headlines are unique and I write them with the identical wordings. They still don’t show up. Once I found my article on another website where I had pasted it as a guest writer, but it was impossible to find the article on my own Blog where I originally wrote it. (I will find the article if I write the name of my Blog first.)

    Is it certain that my Blog has not been reported, changed into “mature” or similar? This has happened to me once before, and without my knowledge.

    /Annika, Sweden

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  • Hi Annika, you may or may not get better help when switching over to the self hosted version of WordPress. has a pretty secure setup as they manage a lot of people and it would be a pretty serious breach if their servers were compromised. If you’re familiar with FTP and file editing and what not, then switching over to the self hosted version of WordPress shouldn’t be too difficult for you.

    However, if you don’t even know what FTP means or know any code then your best bet is to stick with the hosted version of WordPress like you have right now. In regards as to why you aren’t getting answers, we really can’t say why you aren’t as we don’t work for

    It does appear that your issues are related to search engines and other sites sending traffic which most hosting providers have no control over and cannot provide much assistance with. I’m not sure of the exact issue/error message you saw (do you happen to have a screenshot that you could upload somewhere and paste the link here?) but it most likely was just a security connection warning message and not related to malware or anything malicious.

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