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  • My Blog Success Stories is struggling these days (it loaded pretty fine for over a year) and taking up to 2 minutes to load. When you try to access the url, the window remains blank for over a minute and then all of a sudden the entire page appears.

    In the previous thread I was asked to fix my MySQL file (password and username issues has been fixed) but nothing happened.

    I was told by BlueHost to use CDN (I choose CloudFlare and for some hours it loaded fine but then again started to crawl)

    I was told to remove pluggins to see if they were the reason behind it (I did it but they seemed to not cause the issue)

    Now what option am I left with. It is too frustrating especially when you are mentioned on BBC and you have too many people turing up only to find you loading for minutes.

    I will appreciate your question. I really need to fix this asap.
    PS: I have premium hosting plan on BlueHost and they say everything is unlimited.

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  • Real Horror, take a look at this url:

    I really need a serious help. The site is literally dead.



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    Have you tried using any of the caching plugins?

    I’m using w3 total cache.



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    Have a look at:

    Between them, they may help you analyse what’s slowing the site down and generally fine tune performance. I’ve also tagged this topic for the attention of Bluehost (who do monitor the forums) in the hopes that one of their people might have some more specific ideas for you.

    Thanks Esmi!
    I’m too upset with BlueHost. The moment my blog has over 30 active visitors, it crashes showing either database connection error.

    Now, some of my friends are asking me to withdraw the website from CloudFlare as it shows no saved caches. There was no use of them asking me to upgrade to premium account.



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    Oh dear! 🙁 FWIW, your site is loading up very quickly for me (UK)

    This is the real problem. It is too inconsistent in loading. I tried several performance and loading tools..and the results are shocking.

    I am reviewing the plugins suggested by you. I’m hopeful if they do some miracles.
    By the way, I’m located in India (New Delhi)

    I’m not getting hold of the real issue. Sometimes,t he website is loading almost instantly but most of the time it isn’t loading at all. I have installed Wp-Optimize and deleted all the stored autosave and revisions.

    But for no help 🙁



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    The symptoms you describe do sound like a server/hosting issue. There are currently only 85 domains hosted on the same web server as – which is pretty good – but it doesn’t rule out the possibility that 1 or more of the other sites is using an unfair share of server resources some of the time. Have you asked whether your site can be re-located to another server?

    I added <? ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); ?> to Header.php template at the very beginning of the of the template (before anything else) and it is opening well as of now. But I’m still not satisfied with the speed.

    That would be better. I am going to open a ticket and request them to re-located it to another server. I remember the problem started when they asked us to go for premium hosting as the site was getting an increasing number of traffic.

    Thanks very much for your time and help.

    I shall keep the thread open as I’m yet to find a way out.



    Hello anyone there, my site techquester is taking 3 minutes to load. can anyone please help me, I really appreciate the help.



    Sahithazari: Please do not post your issue on someone else’s post. Please make your own new post.




    Is your issue solved?

    I’m facing same issue.

    I have score of 93 on GTmetrix and 95 on pingdom.

    I too have initial lag of 10 to 15 secs where nothing happens.

    I checked your webiste, its loading pretty quick now.

    Any suggestions for me?



    Hi Chandra,
    I got rid of previous theme as it wasn’t stacked well and all our efforts to put it back on track went in vain.
    I just checked my new theme on gtmetrics, it scored just 57% in spite of opening in less than 3 seconds. I’m not sure how it works.

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