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  • I created new site to my customer and suddenly just before i was publishing page I got weard URL-problem.

    I have references page and blog pages and those been working perfecly. Now I cleaned my test posts away from blog-area and suddenly when I tried to go references page again it direct me to blogpage. If write references url to url-fild in chrome it directs me to blog page???

    I ve been trying to reset permalink from wordpress settings by saving link structure but it dosent help me.

    If I chance references page urlname to different pafe starts to work, but I cant use this correct URL-name now. Any ideas???

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    I believe you have the front page set to be a static page in Reading Settings? Otherwise the front page would be the blog area page and you wouldn’t be using a blog area URL.

    I’m guessing that the blog area page (“Posts page”) in Reading Settings somehow got changed to your references page, perhaps because the original blogs area page was deleted. WP just selects the next available page when this happens. Create a new page for the blogs area (content doesn’t matter) and publish it. Go to the Reading Settings and under “Posts page:” select the new blogs area page. Save your changes.

    That should free up the references page to behave normally again.

    1.) You are correct that Blogarea-page is seleceted from reading settings.
    2.) I created page again and that did not help. Actually even I delete this page and after this I write this URL it still directs me to blogpage. So I can go blog page two different urls. With blog-page url and also from this problem url-page.

    Moderator bcworkz


    OK then, the problem lies deeper. There’s a rewrite rule somewhere sending your references URL to the blogs page. The difficult part is finding it. It can reside almost anywhere.

    One suspect would be the .htaccess file. Make a backup copy of your current .htaccess. Then remove all content from .htaccess except for the WordPress block. Can you get to references now? Remove the modified .htaccess and restore the original from backup when you are finished with this test.

    If you still cannot access references with the modified .htaccess, install and activate the health-check plugin. Go Dashboard > Health Check, then Troubleshooting tab. Enable troubleshooting mode. Can you get to references now?

    If yes, start restoring your normal configuration by using the admin bar troubleshooting item, one module at a time. Test after each. When you again get redirected to blogs, the last activated module has redirect code somewhere.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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