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    I backed up my database and all my files. I followed the instructions to upgrade (I was on 2.04).

    After I ran the upgrade script — which was successful — I was reactivating my plugins. After several of them were reactivated, all was going well until I reactivated one plugin and the screen went blank. No error message, nothing.

    I went to my blog’s home page and nothing was there either.

    I’m hoping someone has an idea that can help me bring back my blog. I’ve got backups, but want to make sure I’ve exhausted other options before taking that road.

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    Straight off the bottom of the plugins page in the backend(1) :

    If something goes wrong with a plugin and you can’t use WordPress, delete or rename that file in the wp-content/plugins directory and it will be automatically deactivated.

    Your posts are stored in a MySQL database, theyre safe.

    1. These things are there to be read πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the advice. Here’s what I’ve done:

    I renamed a couple of directories containing plugins (inside the plugins folder), but as there are so many, I decided to remove the entire plugins folder and replace it with the default one in the wordpress upgrade directory (the one I just downloaded).

    My hope was that if I could at least verify that my blog would come back up once if only the basic of plugins were used then I could get a sense of how much work is to be done. Unfortunately, after I did all that my blog still isn’t coming up.





    look at the source of that blank page.. what do you see?

    the plugin thats causing the problem is perty obvious.

    I notice you have a previous post regarding using the cache, are you using it? If so, you might want to delete those files out of whatever directory theyre in.. thats a suggestion, not a guarantee, I dont use the cache, so Im just guessing.

    My hope was that if I could at least verify that my blog would come back up once if only the basic of plugins were used then I could get a sense of how much work is to be done.

    I’ll say it again. Your posts are stored in a MySQL database. They’re safe.




    To be sure of what you are saying though.. you stated in your first post:

    >After I ran the upgrade script — which was successful — I was reactivating my plugins.

    After you upgraded, BUT before you started reactivating plugins, your blog was not blank, correct?


    You did something, now the page is really blank, nothing in the source, even.

    Yes, after looking at the source right after you suggested I saw the reference stop right at “since last visit plugin”. I reuploaded my plugins directory renamed everything back to what it was before, but renamed the last-visit plugin. That’s all I did, but now, as you saw the code is entirely blank when viewing the source.

    Arrrgh — I’m confused. I appreciate you sticking with me!

    To your question, I only saw my blog’s home page once. Because all my plugins were deactivated it wouldn’t show all the content, so that’s when I went to the control panel and started reactivating everything one by one. It wasn’t until I was almost through reactivating that the plugins page and everything else went blank.




    and about that cache thing…. ?

    see also, if you can get into the backend (admin area) with your browser..

    for what its worth, this:

    is blank.

    Assuming that should go somewhere. Typically, if the admin area works but the readable blog doesnt , its related to to the theme. In your case, you might want to doublecheck that all of your files are where they need to be. Im grasping at straws along with you now.

    I think perhaps you’re referring to a time when I was considering using the cache plugin. I decided not to use that, so I think we can ignore that part of it.

    As for the admin area, no, that’s also not accessible — just a blank page. Dashboard, plugins, create a post — everything a blank.




    Check to make sure files are there, all of them.

    Make sure you have the default theme available.

    While im guessing your problem is NOT theme related, WordPress relies on the defualt theme being available in the event it finds something wrong with the one youve selected.

    You might also want to check your server logs. Do you have cpanel available? If you do, theyre very easy to check, and i can walk you through it.

    Heres another suggestion I found looking through some older posts that are similar:

    > Look for the following in wp-settings.php.

    // For now, disable persistent caching by default. To enable, comment out
    // the following line.
    //define(‘DISABLE_CACHE’, true);

    Change that last line to:

    define('DISABLE_CACHE', true);

    Any difference?

    Yep, looking through my directories on the server and all appears to be in place. I even edited one of the files that was using code for that last-visit plugin to see if that would do anything, but it didn’t.

    Yes, I do have access to the cpanel and would appreciate you walking me through what you need to know. Thank you. πŸ™‚




    ok, one of the choices on the main cpanel page is :

    Web/FTP Stats

    Click that.

    The last option, typically, on that next menu is:

    Error log

    That will show you your most recent errors from Apache’s raw logs.

    Looks like I replied during your last reply and did see your suggested edit until now.

    I made that change, but it didn’t make anything different.

    I don’t have what you’re describing, at least not exactly. Here’s what I think may have potential though:

    FTP (<–subheading)
    FTP Manager
    FTP service

    Tools (<–subheading)
    File Manager
    Stats (<– but this is for webalizer and urchin)
    Reverse Traceroute
    Real Server

    WebServer (<– subheading)
    Error Pages
    Script Handlers
    Redirect URL
    EasyApps Collection

    The “error pages” above takes me to another screen where it only shows my domain and the ability to add a document and apply it. My fear is that since this appears to not be “active” that that means there’s nothing to view until I create one and only then it would report errors from now on. Am I correct? I’ll go ahead and add a document and apply it anyway.

    As for the rest of the cpanel offerings, at least on the surface, none of the other areas appear to be helpful, but I’m open to suggestions.

    EDIT: Okay, never mind about the error doc — that looks like it’s if I wanted to make a unique error document for when an error occurs for visitors.




    that error pages link is for crating custom 404, 403, etc.. pages. Thats not what we’re looking for.

    Next up: when you ftp into your site, at the root of it, as far __up__ the directory heirarchy as you can go, do you have a logs folder?

    For clarification, when I say at the root, I dont mean where your wordpress install is, I mean where it might look something like this:

    — public_html
    — trash
    — logs <– thats what were hoping exists

    I can take a look at this myself if you like, btw, its up to you. If you want to contact me, feel free.

    whoo –(at)– I also have aim and that dreaded msn messenger at my disposal.

    Yes, I do have a logs folder in my root. The one dated 1/7 is not compressed (I guess my host does that automatically). It’s type “MS-DOS Application”. It’s called “” and there’s another one dated 1/6 called “” type “1File” and not compressed.




    you want to take a look at the 1/7 one. Its a text file, open it in wordpad. rename it to blah.txt if that helps.

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