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  • Well, I’ve tried EVERY solution on EVERY thread I could possibly Google and still NADA:

    -Manually de-activated plugins
    -Re-installed fresh copies of WP (have tried all releases from 2.6-2.8.1)
    -Checked out the functions.php file and deleted the empty line after the >? tag

    …The blog is completely intact operational at, yet wp-admin loads to an utterly blank white screen with zero error info. It’s like looking at an animal I conceived through a forcefield. Can look, but cannot touch.

    I’m about at my wits end with this nonsense (was a spontaneously occurring event to being with).

    I have absolutely no idea what to do next short of wiping my DB and starting over (=not an option). I’m nearly positive it has to do with my host (Siteground – will never use again), but that is a moot point if I can’t access my admin screen.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


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  • esmi


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    Try deleting the .htaccces file in your root wp install folder. Right now, none of the links on your blog are working.

    Yeah, none of the links worked BECAUSE I had deleted my .htaccess file. I’ve gone ahead and re-uploaded it, so you can see all of the links and individual posts work now, but still just and painfully white, blank wp-admin page.


    Could there be something in the .htaccess file I need to edit?

    BTW – I’m also guessing its likely something DB related, so if you want screenshots of any of my directories or specific tables, let me know.

    My web host says they are almost sure it has to do with .htaccess file. I have the exact same problem. ALL DAY NO ACCESS to my dashboard. I have absolutely no clue how to edit the htaccess file, I tried downloading it from ftp and it disappears….weird. I’ve looked everywhere for answers and nothing helps. Anyone?

    Additional things I have tried:

    -Making sure all my directories are 0755 access (NOT 777)
    -full and partial db export transfers to my new host/site
    (full as in complete db.sql copies as well as single directory transfers: wp-posts.sql or wp-options.sql)

    Regardless of the db I’m trying to import to the new site, I get an infuriating 1062 error.

    Cheers for any help – even if its just fellow commiserating.

    BTW – Cocscrap – if you cant see your .htaccess file after you’ve transferred it onto your computer, it may be because you don’t have the ‘view hidden files’ box checked under the folder properties of windows explorer.

    After you’ve changed this, you should be able to run a search for it in whatever folder you think you’ve downloaded it to and then just throw a .txt on the end. This will allow you to edit it normally in wordpad or whatever text editor.

    Hope this helps!




    Cheers for any help – even if its just fellow commiserating.

    help with what? it sounds like youre moving the site.


    (full as in complete db.sql copies as well as single directory transfers: wp-posts.sql or wp-options.sql)

    what single directories are wp-posts.sql or the other?

    those ought to be files, specifically mysql dumps.

    If you have 2 real hosts you take one mysql dump from the first, and import that into the new db using phmyadmin.

    you edit the 2 url settings in the db after. so on, so forth

    blah blah blah.. all covered in the “moving wordpress” document.

    I should tell you that uploading all different versions of wordpress isnt a solution to anything.

    You can find out what version youre running quite easily, so you get THAT version, and then if you need to replace files, you USE that version and that version only.

    I JUST fixed a broke blog, and one of the contributing factors was that kind of scenario (though not nearly to your extreme).

    Yeah, I’ve tried exporting the single (complete) ‘epochsy_wordpress.sql’ file from my old site, and importing it into the new site (hosted with HostGator) and I keep getting a 1062 error regarding various errors.

    I’ve also tried single-table dumps (ex: wp-posts.sql or wp-options.sql) and still get a 1062 error.

    But, I’ll check out the “moving wordpress” doc again and see if another retreading of the same path will turn up any new ideas.

    I’ll post the 1062 error I’m getting with the db-import attempts later today. Off to work for now….


    ps. I only uploaded various versions of WP to eliminate that as a cause, which it did, because I’m getting the same wp-admin “White Screen of Death” on versions 2.6-2.8.




    ok, but trying to use files from an older database and newer files IS going to cause problems, not eliminate problems.

    the database schema changes. the files change with that. So im telling that was all for moot on your part.

    This thread and that other one are prime examples of 2 ppl doing things when they dont know what theyre doing, or why.

    I dont need to know the the exact error along with 1062, youre importing content where content already exists. You cant do that, so youre getting a duplicate key error.

    Again — it sounds like you dont know what you are doing.

    Yeah, that’s cool. The condescension isn’t necessary though.

    You do realize that EVERYONE must encounter a problem for the first time in order to know how to fix it…or was that deleted out of your all-omniscient memory along with the geek-meekness that vanished when you hit Level 70 in WOW.

    It’s great if you have some constructive criticism, or uh, whats that other thing called…oh yeah – HELP, to give. But if all you’re interested in is pulling your nerd out and being a punk-@$$, then leave it at the login screen buttercup.

    Support forums contain the word ‘support’ for good reason – as opposed to ‘$h1t-talking’ forums.

    Of course I don’t know what I’m doing [yet]; it’s called learning.

    And additionally, if you think your light years ahead of my knowledge, why the f|_|ck don’t you tell me HOW to fix my issue instead of citing examples of ‘ppl who don’t know what they’re doing, or why’.

    Go ‘head and show us all how big your brain-penis is. I’m sure we’d all like to see it in action.




    I gave you the link to the codex that walks through what you need to do to move a site from one host to another.

    you got the reply you did from me because of this,

    “ps. I only uploaded various versions of WP to eliminate that as a cause, which it did, because I’m getting the same wp-admin “White Screen of Death” on versions 2.6-2.8. “

    I cant tell you, more matter of factly than I already did, that that’s a cause of problems, not a viable troubleshooting technique.

    but hey — you sounded like you knew better, so what the hell.

    as for the rest:

    Sorry, Ive never played WOW and I dont have a penis.

    For what’s it worth, Ive learned to pick my battles around these forums — there are countless threrads on here where people went off 1/2 -cocked, didnt know what they were doing, spent more time writing than reading, and ended basically with nothing after they were done.

    Those are the people that dont read, dont follow the links theyre given, dont stop to think before they do something, and .. oh they also have attitudes.

    Im not going to apologize for saying the obvious – you sound like you dont know what you are doing. Thats not me being mean spirited or arrogant — its just an observation

    You didnt need to change hosts, wordpress runs just fine on siteground.
    Youve apparantly spent timne doing stuff that doesnt really amount to much with the uploading of the files and what not.

    Not the way I would have handled things but okay.. thats your deal, so go for it.

    Now youre here, and your moving the site. MySQL errors are googlable… Ive given you the link to the codex. Instead of taking my remarks personally- slow down, dont answer questions that you dont know the answer to, and instead of sounding resentful over the fact that someone (me) knows more than you — take advantage of it and ask articulate questions if you have trouble.

    Support is a 2 way street. Asking for “commiserating” or general help isnt going to illicit much.

    Ah, a MS. Digital Deity – forgive me.
    Next time you post, post in the sake of utility.
    A helpful remark, without the snark.
    A tip without the ‘observational’ quip, if you will.
    As I said before, your help is appreciated,
    your [polite] patronizing was not.

    Just giving you back a little bit of the attitude you were handing out.

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