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  • Thank you for taking the time to read my question.

    I want to have the following, is it possible without relying on possibly someday unsupported third party software?

    A blog in English (Main) with 2 or more other languages available, all translations are made manually.
    The URLs would be: (for English) (for Italian) (for French)

    Some Blog entries would only appear in one language on one blog, because they’re only relevant to a local audience, others in multiple languages on all three URLs.

    Google ranking problems

    To avoid negative Google ratings for multiple posting of the same content, the Italian and French version only get a brief link to the English blog entry with a translated headline, justnin case visitors of those want to see them eventhough they are in English. Or as a placeholder until a local translation is available.

    Question 1: Is this necessary/a good solution to avoid negative Google rankings, or should the same (English) post be uploaded to all three URLs?

    Question 2: Is there a way to automatically have checked wether there is another version on one of the other blogs available so only in those cases it is offered to view the the blog entry in that language/on that URL?

    Question 3:
    Do I need multiple Accounts?

    Thank you very much, I hope it is clear what I meant. Let me know if you see any fundamental problems with this plan that I’m not aware of.

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