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  1. seinnaidess
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I have installed the blog0in-blog to a client site and need a little help....

    My "blog" posts are going to the right place (Blog page) but they are also appearing on the homepage as well and I would like them not to....what file (the instructions says this can be changed in the administrative page-but unless I'm missing something I dont see an admin page-I have to go into the editor where there are about five different files and dig through that) contains this setting and what does the code look like, and what do I need to change it to?

    Also I would like the entire post not to show, rather just the title or perhaps a small excerpt in stead...

    Anybody more familiar with this than me (and thats not saying much, lol- because I know nothing about this plug-in!!!)

    Any help is really appreciated:)

    if it helps the link to the testsite I'm working on is http://maatmatters.org/testsite/?page_id=249

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