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  • I am trying to import my blog to my own self hosted site, but getting messages like the following:

    Failed to import post tag
    Failed to import “cropped-kates-yoga-header1allen.jpg”: Invalid post type
    Failed to import “cropped-kates-yoga-facebook-header1new.jpg”: Invalid post type
    Failed to import “goat”: Invalid post type
    Failed to import “not yoga”: Invalid post type

    There are over 60 messages.

    What should I do differently?

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  • Are you using the same blog theme and/or plugins on your self hosted site as you were using on .com? Sometimes images are connected to a particular theme or plugin via their own upload function. So, if they are not present on the new blog when you try importing, you will see error messages like the ones you’ve encountered.

    No not using the same theme – wanted to change this if I could..

    As far as I’m aware I wasn’t using any plugins on the .com site because you can’t?

    Did the theme on your old blog have a portfolio, gallery, or separate image functionality?

    Or was your old blog using other post types besides “post” or “pages”?

    Yes it had a gallery.

    Yes there was videos and image posts as well.

    What do you reckon?

    Were the videos and images uploaded via the media library?

    Yes most.

    2 X video only posts were uploaded from ‘my profile’ interface rather than Dashboard.

    Hmm, unless someone has another suggestion, I download those images and manually add them into your new blog.

    Ok, thanks Josh. That will take me quite a while, a lot of images in my blog – but not unachievable.

    I chose my own host ‘In Motion’ for this whole process. If I had gone with a WordPress preferred host/paid them to move it for me, do you know if they would of moved all the images across?

    Sorry know unrelated to my initial question ~ such a rookie.

    Katie, I had the very same problem with the standard WordPress importer. I eventually found another way to migrate a site to a self-hosted site, and it worked perfectly the first time:

    I also use InMotion Hosting and recommend it to my clients. Of the hosting partners supported by, the only one I would consider using is HostGator. It’s the only supported host which uses the industry standard cPanel control panel and provides an upgrade path from shared hosting to VPS hosting and dedicated servers, just like InMotion.

    Fred Chapman

    P.S. The alternate plugin I found does not import media, unfortunately.

    Many thanks I see I am now in business. Could this also relate to the fact I opened my bobvinenz WordPress hosted site as I had picked via this forum?

    P.P.S. If your needs can be met with a shared hosting plan and you feel it’s unlikely you’ll ever need VPS or a dedicated server, Bluehost’s shared hosting plan is less expensive than HostGator’s comparable Baby Plan. Bluehost and HostGator both use cPanel, which is an industry standard. DreamHost and Go Daddy use their own proprietary control panel and do not support cPanel.


    After using the Importer alternative plugin to import your pages, posts, and comments from, you can use the Media Tools plugin to import images into the media library. I tried it, and it worked perfectly for me. After all my struggles with the standard WordPress importing tool, I am overjoyed to find two plugins that accomplish the same thing and actually work! 🙂

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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