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    I´ve been trying a bunch of things to create a simple blog on my website – so far no luck.
    I want the blog to be on a page on my menu, and I want it to look exactly like the one on the demo website:
    Headline to the left, column with blog/post info, large image and text underneath.
    No matter what I do, I get a blog post that sits on the left side of the page, with small headlines and only takes up one column (appr 1/4 of the page).

    So far I only have one test blog post.
    Do I need to create more posts, for the first one to be larger?
    Or what do I need to do to make it look like the one on the demo website?

    Input will be highly appreciated! 🙂

    PS: Great theme! I only wish there had been some documentation or manual.

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  • Using Firebug in Firefox, I can see that MY blog page has 3 colums, whereas the demo page only has one column…
    I have used the FULL WIDTH template, and still I get 3 columns. I have no idea why.

    OK, so I guess I had to use a CATEGORY instead of a PAGE to create that look.
    I used the BLOG category as part of my menu (in APPEARANCE – MENUS), and voilá, I have a page that displays correctly. Very weird indeed.

    I also had to change the CSS and add this line, so that the FEATURED image stretches across 2 colums and not just 69.5% of the width as coded in the version of Pinboard that I am using.

    Would be cool if the developers used a standard page setup for the demo, instead of a tweaked one. I really love the theme – it´s just a pain in the rectum to have to spend this much time on basic stuff.

    /rant over 🙂

    Hope others can use this info.

    Whoops. Forgot the CSS code:
    Put it under the THEME custom CSS:

    .page-template-template-full-width-php .hentry.onecol .wp-post-image, .page-template-template-full-width-php .hentry.onecol .entry-attachment, .page-template-template-full-width-php .hentry.onecol .post-gallery {
    float: right;
    margin-bottom: 2.9%;
    max-width: 100.00%;

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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