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Blog has dissapeared

  • Hi, I recently changed website developers who originally set up my blog. Since changing I can’t access the blog and think somehow they have turned it off. I am so worried I have lost everything and I am typing my user name in and it says user does not exist.

    Can anyone help! I really don’t want to loose all our work.

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  • Hi oxygenboutique,

    I’m sure we would love to help but we really need more information.

    • What is the URL of your blog?
    • Do you own and control your domain name?
    • Can you access your web hosting account?
    • Have you tried using the Lost your password link in wp-admin?


    Hi! my url is:


    I did not set this up so I am not sure. It is linked to my website Oxygenboutique.com I have now added another one in there just for the time being.

    I did try the lost password but it say User does not exist.


    Hello again oxygenboutique,

    I see a link from your website that points to http://oxygenboutique.wordpress.com/ not blog.oxygenboutique.com. So, it looks like you have a wordpress.com blog, not a self-hosted (wordpress.org) blog. Are you trying to log in at wordpress.com to access your blog? If so, and that’s where you’re having trouble, I would recommend contacting support at wordpress.com.

    Hope this helps!

    No this is an account I set up in an emergency to get something on there while I sort this problem out.

    Hi oxygenboutique,

    So, you did have a blog located at blog.oxygenboutique.com? Have you logged into your web hosting account to see if the files are still there and maybe it’s just an issue with the subdomain set up?


    i transferred it from their web hosting to mine which I think is the problem and as they were quite an unfriendly company they did not give me admin access to my blog and I only realised I had user access after. how do i find out about the sub domain?


    Hi oxygenboutique,

    I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with your previous developer and web host. Did your blog continue to exist after you moved to your new hosting or did it disappear when you moved?

    On your previous host, for the blog subdomain, what folder did it point to? When you create a subdomain, you either assign it to a folder (usually under public_html) or a new folder is created for that subdomain. So, the first step is to determine what that folder was named. Then you can look for that folder in your new hosting account.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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