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  • New to this and already lost. Went to a web site that has BLOG. I signed up but not sure why? I just wanted to look at the info on this sight (photos,ect) put i a comment but days later I went back to read the site and my post Quote awaiting moderation? Is this hard use or is it just me? Should have been born a blog geek I guess.

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  • This is quite normal. the comment will probably show up later.

    Here it is the 28TH and still not listed

    What web site?
    What is the URL?
    Is it really a blog?
    Did it have a comment form and did you leave a comment? (sounds like you did)

    So many question and without a few answers from you it’s hard to help.

    Keep in mind the blog you commented at (if it is a blog) is owned by someone. And they have the option to allow the display of your comment, or delete it.

    It is also the Holiday season and many people are away on vacation etc, etc.

    It is probably in moderation or have been deleted.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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