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  • One more question – this time about my other blog ( Viewed from my work PC, this theme (which is a slightly adapted version of Connections) has all kinds of background – diagonal lines on the main body, green backgrounds on the right-hand column, large green quote marks on indented text and so on.

    The weird thing is, none of that is visible on my home PC. It doesn’t matter whether I view it in IE or Firefox those details are just not visible. This is making it hard for me to edit the theme because I can’t see how my work is turning out.

    I can’t imagine that these details require some kind of plugin and I doubt that it’s a problem with my home monitor or graphics card – both of which are superior to what I use at work.

    I’m puzzled. Any ideas?

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  • did you try ctrl + F5 ??? Hard Refresh !!!

    Clear all your cookies / local browser cache ?

    yes, i’ve tried all that. it makes no difference.

    here’s what it looks like on my home PC:

    compare that with how it looks on your own PC and you’ll see what i mean.

    OK, I must be stupid. I’m not seeing any difference between your screenshot and the site. FF

    Well that’s weird. Maybe my work computer is the odd one out then. Basically, when I look at the site at work, the borders of the page are green, there is a green graphic under each box in the sidebar and the main body of the page had black diagonal lines in the background.

    It looks exactly the same in both Firefox and IE at work – all those elements are there.

    Ah wait, I suppose it’s possible that if those elements are there but not visible on my machine then they are also in my screenshot but not visible to me. Does the screenshot have the elements I described?

    This is baffling…

    Should have though of this earlier – I checked the site with my laptop and sure enough all those extra graphics are visible. And, yep, they’re included on my screengrab too.

    They just aren’t visible on my desktop PC. It must be a graphics issue on my PC but I’m not sure what it could be.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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