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  1. Peter
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I created a mirror/backup site thanks to backup buddy. This created again a similar issue as an old one.

    Jetpack solved the old issue creating a new blog entry for my main site inside their Jetpack DB, so that I could get new stats. However the old statistics were associated with the migrated blog and I did not get them migrated onto my main site.
    Exactly the same issue happened now again.


    Currently three blogs are available on wordpress.com

    1) Swissnationalbank.com (new mirror site): contains the current stats of snbchf.com. Its stats are currently updated according to snbchf.com.

    2) backup.snbchf.com (old backup) : contains the old stats of snbchf.com (before August when I created the first backup mirror).

    3) stegerfinancialconsulting.com: no problem

    The main issue that my main site snbchf.com (number 4) is gone from wordpress.com.

    I used Jetpack 1.7 when creating the mirror. An upgrade to 1.8.2. on the mirror site did not help. Feedburner and WordPress reader feeds are affected, too.

    I do not know where I should get support, wordpress.com (the author of Jetpack) tells me I should look on wordpress.org
    Please tell me how to proceed. Should I disconnect and reconnect to Jetpack ? Or is it simply a DB change on Jetpack from backup.snbchf.com to sncbchf.com ?


  2. Peter
    Posted 3 years ago #

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