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  1. acmj
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I tried to log in to my blog just now, and when I type in either the blog name (yieldtopedestrian.com) or the wp-admin extension to log in, it all defaults to a WordPress page asking me to provide my blog title and email to install WordPress. This happens even if other people using other computers try to reach my blog! I have no idea what is happening.

    When I put in my blog title and email, it runs this whole page of database error messages, then tells me I need to login with my admin user id and a new password. My only option there is to "login" and when I click it routes me right back to the "enter your blog title and email page". It is now one big loop and I cannot get to my blog at all (nor can anyone else). Help! What is happening?

  2. karindalziel
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I am having the same problem. So far, I've seen it on two of the 4 installations (on the same server) I've upgraded. The other two are fine. I went through the password reset procedure with the same result and even reset the password through PHPmyAdmin, just in case.

    !Edit - wait, I was wrong. my problem is I'm being directed back to the login page when I try to login.

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