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  • I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked my mail today. I had 32 new mails informing about new comments at my blog (I have to approve them first before those get published). When I checked the mails and comments they were all from the same “person” and the comments make no sense (e.g. “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” ) so I guess this is a new way of spamming. All were from “free texas holdem” with the e-mail addie: (which doesn’t exist) and url: http://www.I'm _a_stupid and this “person” or what ever the heck this is has commented on every entry I’ve ever made in my blog. This is just annoying!! Every comment had a different IP (which I’m not sure are the IP’s for real or stolen so I’m afraid to block them if those belong to my friends) has anyone had the same problem? I remember someone posted some time ago about blog spamming.. but what can I do if this goes on? Even right now my outlook is receiving new messages but oh no it’s a different url and e-mail this time! Author : free online poker (IP: , E-mail : URL:http://www.I'm _another_stupid what can I do? Is there any way to stop this? 🙁
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  • I’ve gotten almost 3300 spams since yesterday. The Blacklist program I installed (the one at weblogtoolsconnection or something to that effect) keeps the comments from being posted, but instead they go to the moderation list, and I STILL get emails for them, even though I turned off comment emails. This is so aggravating — 3300 emails! In one day! What to do???

    WPBlacklist does allow you to auto-delete the spam identified as comments – you just have to turn on the correct options … at least, if you are using the current version 2.6.x. As for receiving the e-mail about the spam even when you have comment e-mails turned off, do you have the moderation notification turned off as well? Otherwise, it might be the moderation notification you’re receiving instead of the comment notification.

    I’m here because I have this same problem. A spammer’s stuck two comments in all of my posts. I’m hoping I can find some decent method without resorting to registration, which I’m setting now so that I don’t have to do so much cleanup later.

    Podz (or another mod) please remove the link to the spam site at the top of this thread. They are getting all the publicity/pagerank they ever wanted from their spam! Thanks.

    I made the same suggestion (hint) on the other thread…

    Put this code in wp-comments-post.php directly under the “require( dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/wp-config.php’ );” line:

    $blocklist = file('blocklist.txt');
    foreach ($blocklist as $blockurl) {
    $blockurl = trim($blockurl);
    if (strpos(strtolower($_POST['url']), $blockurl) !== false)
    die( __('Sorry, please login') );
    if (strpos(strtolower($_POST['comment']), $blockurl) !== false)
    die( __('Sorry, please login') );
    if (strpos(strtolower($_POST['email']), $blockurl) !== false)
    die( __('Sorry, please login') );

    Create a textfile in the same directory called ‘blocklist.txt’. Then put a list with all the keywords you want to block in blocklist.txt. (Each one on a new line) Like:
    Works for me. Usage at own risk. 😉

    In the past two days I’ve had about 500. Finally, today I turned off the comments option for every post except the most recent two. For those, everything goes to moderation. I’m not happy, however, that WP provides a list of words that you wouldn’t want to post comments and puts them into moderation instead of automatically deleting them. Trust me, this online poker freak isn’t someone who I want to post at all. If I put them in this list, why would I want to check them out before deleting them. Why can’t wp automatically delete posts using the key word list?

    there’s a plugin for that. try mookitty’s comment killer plugin.

    Anonymous: It is short sighted to automatically delete posts which contain one or more key words as the posts themselves may not be objectionable. If that were the case, 6 posts here with the word “poker” in them, including yours, would have been deleted. The only post here I would consider objectionable is “your” first post which accomplishes what the spammer is after – a published link to the site.

    Brian, is that how they are able to post spam to posts that don’t even exist? I got some today on “post #2”, which doesn’t even exist.

    I found once I implemented the spambot trap I found on webmaster’s world, and instituted a locked down policy: No public referral logs, all comments moderated, no displayed email address I have had barely any spam at all.

    Anon #1: I have read on another thread that poker guy’s script just iterates through numbers to ‘guess’ article ids – the inference being that the bot is not bothering to read your blog to find article ids.
    Anon #2: You may have solved the problem of spam comments appearing on your site, but by moderating comments, you still have to read each of the spambot’s attempted comments in your inbox. That’s what I’d like to avoid.

    Brian: Install WPBlacklist 2.61 – it allows you to specify which type of comments that get on the moderation queue should be automatically deleted – just those matching the comment author’s IP or e-mail or site URL or those match anything in the comment body. Heck, you can even tell the plugin to delete comments put into moderation by an external source – like the WP core for having more than a specific number of links in the comment body. You can get the plugin from

    There’s a very simple and apparently quite effective alternative to blacklists that I cooked up. Simply do this:
    – rename wp-comments-post.php to something else (my-comments-post.php for example)
    – change wp-comments.php to call that instead of wp-comments-post.php
    Voila. No more spam, at least not until the spambots become more intelligent. Currently they just seem to call the default WP comment-posting script.
    Petri Wessman

    Petri: Most spambots are dumb but not all :p I’ve been using a renamed wp-comments-post.php file for weeks now and I still do get some spam – even from the dreaded poker spammer. The trick is to use a combination of methods so that you are covered on one front even if they get through on another ….

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