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  • I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked my mail today. I had 32 new mails informing about new comments at my blog (I have to approve them first before those get published). When I checked the mails and comments they were all from the same “person” and the comments make no sense (e.g. “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” ) so I guess this is a new way of spamming. All were from “free texas holdem” with the e-mail addie: (which doesn’t exist) and url: http://www.I'm _a_stupid and this “person” or what ever the heck this is has commented on every entry I’ve ever made in my blog. This is just annoying!! Every comment had a different IP (which I’m not sure are the IP’s for real or stolen so I’m afraid to block them if those belong to my friends) has anyone had the same problem? I remember someone posted some time ago about blog spamming.. but what can I do if this goes on? Even right now my outlook is receiving new messages but oh no it’s a different url and e-mail this time! Author : free online poker (IP: , E-mail : URL:http://www.I'm _another_stupid what can I do? Is there any way to stop this? 🙁
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  • Only 32? I’ve heard of some blogs getting hundreds, so consider youself lucky! 🙂 is a place to find some very effective spam tools for helping with this. You can’t stop the spam, but you can make it easier to delete, and at the same time you can flag common spam words for future comments. The tools log email address and IPs as well, so anything in the future from those sources can automatically be flagged.
    The 100% way to prevent spam is to not have a blog on the internet.

    Grrr… thanks for the url. I so HATE SPAMMING! This way the whole internet is gonna collapse sooner or later. People are so stupid when they spam >_<

    We had the same problem. I just upgraded to the new BlackList 2.6.1 and it seems to be working so far. It was a pretty quick install. Best of Luck.
    This is the newest Blacklist that just came out today. Seems to work for me, I have already caught 10 spam attempts by the poker freak.

    Only one way to combat spam! Have people register on your blog with a valid e-mail address to comment.
    I’ve done a bit of code hacking, so when a user registers, it sends them a password instead of them defining one, which should garuntee a legitimate comments to appear. If the user provides a fake or invalid e-mail address, they wont be able to login.
    Since implenting this, I’ve not had ANY comment spam.
    I’m cleaning up my wp-comments.php and wp-register.php code, and they will be listed on my WP hacks page soon.

    I think that is one of many solutions, but certainly not everybody who wants to comment wants to also register, so depending on the site, you may miss out on a lot of legitimate comments. Also, what happens if a spammer writes code to request a password for 2000 hijacked, but legitimate email addresses? I’m not a coder, so I’m just asking this out of curiosity.
    I think what is important is that this is yet another tool in the toolbox, and it will be very effective on a specific kind of site. I for one would not bother to register to make a comment on a site. It’s another password to manage, and I need to keep things really simple for my moose brain.

    How do I require people to register with a valid e-mail before they can comment? I’ve looked all over and I can’t find that option.

    @nuclearmoose: Agreed, however the amount of spam that my site was getting was beyond control, I had to come up with something.
    Obviously if somebody wrote some code to send passwords to valid e-mail addresses, then my code would need to be changed, one idea could be to generate a random graphic with letters/numbers and a routine to verify that the user has entered the correct code.
    But IMO, somebody writing code to get around one site would be a complete and total waste of time.

    I’m facing the very same problem. I’ll try to implement the ‘auth image’ hack, but before that I’ll try to block any comment. The problem is: I have to edit every post to uncheck the ‘Allow Comments’ option. :/

    Try Kitten’s SpamWords plug in.

    That is not in the default installation of WP. It is either a plugin or a hack.

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar ? Was not that the Marx brothers. ?

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar ? Was not that the Marx brothers?

    I have also been hit by the poker dude today. Nothing he writes seems to be too disturbing. Weird yes, dirty or disturbing, no. Think I’ll leave the comments be. This may just be a coincidence but since poker dude came by, when I check my stats on cpanel, I have had almost 200 visitors from about 50 different countries. No clear indication of what is bringing them to my site?? Is there a connection?

    ’tis peeps that leave the comments up that make spamming worthwhile 😉

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