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  • I have a Blog Setup on
    the one on the main page, and the one under “press”

    my question is… the person doing the blogging, is not so confortable with HTML, but it seems, the only way to keep any kind of format, is to put in <br> tags, etc. Is there a way to have it keep the format when it goes over? What it seems to be doing is making it one big paragraph, with little triangles with question marks in it/and or little empty boxes.

    thanks for any help!

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  • You don’t need to know HTML to create a post in WordPress. Looks like he/she is cutting and pasting from Word. Ask them to use a text editor or post directly into the WP dashboard.

    well i know you dont need to know HTML, i was just thinking that the wordpress formatting was possibly not coming over…. because I dont think she is using word or anything else…. I believe she just typed it straight into the box.

    It just doesn’t make sense that it’s formatted correctly for some of the posts and not others. Do you have the WYSIWYG editor turned on for her? I personally don’t like it and code my own <p> tags and other stuff, and actually use a plugin called Disable WPAutoP.

    And the only reason I mentioned HTML, which seemed to annoy you, was because you stated that the person posting wasn’t comfortable with it.

    I’m sorry….. when was I “annoyed”…? I was never annoyed…

    It isnt that some are formated and some arnt, ALL of them arnt formated, I had to go into wordpres myself and fix all the blogs so far.

    this is still happening. She is not posting it from word, or anything else. Its completely typed in wordpress. it makes it all one paragraph, with a bunch of little white empty boxes where the line breaks originally were. helpp!

    OK, now I added a plugin, and its taking the &ndsp out of the HTML, but it still wont let her make her own line breaks. If she wants to do this



    it will come out Test Test Test.

    there is no reason anyone should have to go into HTML and add <br> tags to make a line break, what am I missing? haha

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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